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[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Want a trip back to Nigeria’s past? Then visit Badagry. Badagry in Lagos State can be described as a beacon of Nigeria’s history and the country’s uncharitable slave trade era. It is a true tourist destination if you want a mix of knowledge and fun. It is a city of many firsts and holds relics of Nigeria’s rich past. Jovago.com assures you that there is so much to experience in the city not only famous for slave trade but also for tourism.[/dropcap]


The history of Badagry can never be complete without referencing the key role slave trade played in the lives of the people in the 15th century when the town was discovered. Its proximity to the Atlantic Ocean made it an easy target for the traders. It invariably boosted the business of slavery. After the abolition of slavery that left indelible marks on the evolving town, Christian Missionaries moved in. Badagry automatically became the pioneer of missionary work in Nigeria. This work started in 1872. A city of many first indeed!

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Traditional Institution

Royal Highness Oba Aholu badagry

His Royal Highness Oba Aholu Menu-Toyi 1, The Akran of Badagry is the paramount ruler of Badagry. The oba is a first class oba and was coronated in 1977.

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Language & Population

The predominant language spoken in Badagy is Egun which is one of the many dialects of the Yoruba language used as a medium of communication in South-West, Nigeria. The population of Badagry is 241,093 according to the 2006 census.


Badagry slave market

The remnants where slave trade were sold and bought still exist in the town. Badagry Slave market sold over 1500 slaves. According findings, 35 slaves were exchanged for a mirror!

badagry pics

The present day markets include vlekete market, Hunto market and Agbalata international market. If you love coconut, you will return to your abode with truckloads of it because Badagry is a breeding ground for it.

Must See Places

The list of places to checkout in Badagry is inexhaustible. It is not incorrect to say that slave trade is the foundation of the Town’s tourism industry. In the same vein, you can’t also side line the contributions of Christian Missionaries. Here are some places you must visit before you leave Badagry.

Badagry Heritage Museum

badagry heritage museum

Everything you want to see and learn about slave trade and Badagry as an important slave outpost would be presented to you at this Museum. From chains, to padlock, slave boats and other slave relics, they are available for your perusal at the museum. It has 8 galleries serving different purposes.

Point of No Return

badagry point of no return-digest.bellafricana

The point of no return is actually the point where slaves never returns if they’ve been taken beyond that spot. Immediately the slaves pass that point, they are sandwiched into a ship to begin their long trip to Brazil, Europe and the Caribbean.

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First storey building

badagry first storey bulding-digest.bellafricana

The first story building in Nigeria was built in 1842 by Christian Missionaries. The building was later home to Ajayi Crowther, the respected missionary that translated the Bible into Yoruba.

Gberefun Island

The Island of Gberefun is a largely untapped Island. It has maintained its natural habitat because humans have not encroached. To visit this island, you have to be prepared for a few minutes boat ride. If you really appreciate nature, then visit Gberefun Island!


badagry whispering palm beach resort
Badagry is not all about slavery, you can also have fun in the town. The Suntan Beach is one of popular beaches you will like to visit to relax and let the warm breeze make you feel at home. Other fun haven are Whispering Palms Beach Resort and Harlem Sea side resort.

Article by Adeniyi Ogunfowoke

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