5 Elegant Handmade Bags In Nigeria

O'Eclat Bailey Box Bag

Handmade bags are great accessories I have always loved to have around me. I must say, the importance of handbags can never be overemphasized. No amount of handbags is too much to own as there are handbags for every occasion, seasons, and outfit. But having to choose from your myriad of bag collections can be very tedious atimes.

Choosing handbags to fit your style could be a whole lot of work, more reasons why I came up with ten(10) elegant handmade bags that are proudly made in Nigeria. These handmade bags are flexible to use as they fit any occasion.  these handbags are well patterned with perfectly designed colors to make them a must-have for every lady.

In no particular order, here is my list, and feel free to order using the link on their bio.


This black leather batik Mila handbag made by O’Eclat designs, is nothing below standard, with its good sequence pattern in hues of burnt orange and bright yellow colors with a slim purple color running through it, is a one of a kind style. This nicely embellished purse will go with any type of dress and are perfect for any occasion, whether it is used casually or for official purposes.

Oeclat-Black-Leather-Batik-Mila-Bag on bellafricana marketplace.
Oeclat-Black-Leather-Batik-Mila-Bag on bellafricana marketplace.

These tote bags are perfect for casual outings. The reason why this is a great piece of item is  because it’s large enough and can contain  lot of bulky items all at once. This bag looks smallish but in a real sense can fit in so many items.  Pillowtalks, the tote bag maker, beautifully and neatly mend tote bags to serve significant purposes. This bag idea draws attention with its colours, designs, faces, and characters as its also conveys one’s personality.

Tote bag by pillowtalk9ja on bellafricana marketplace
Tote bag by pillowtalk9ja on bellafricana marketplace

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This beautiful handmade bag is a great piece of item your wardrobe certainly needs. In this clime and time where a little piece of item brings out the statement in your dressing, this bag made from yarns and fibres is a great choice for you. The amazing design fits any color or style of dressing. Depending on how it’s combined, it can go perfectly for an official gathering. Nonetheless, this allows you to effortlessly stand out because of its uniqueness, attractiveness, and elegance. Yasmin crafts never fails in its assignment of crafting and designing woven fashion items.


Yasmin crafts Amina rattan bag on bellafricana marketplace.
Yasmin crafts Amina rattan bag on bellafricana marketplace.

When it comes to designing handmade leather bags, O’Eclat always understands the assignment. Do you want poise, class, elegance, standard, luxury? then get styled with O’Eclat Bailey’s classic bag. If you love to get attention and praises for your fashion style then, this made in Nigeria Bag designer got you covered. Try this brand and thank me later.

Morin O Bailey box bag on bellafricana marketplace.
Morin O Bailey box bag on bellafricana marketplace.

We don’t go out of style and designs here with Morin O bags, please pardon my hype, like the saying, “when you are good, you are good”. Morin O designer brings the likes of Fendi and Versace vibes from the stables of Nigeria. Moreover, from the reviews gotten online about the brand, these bags are durable, high quality, and never goes out of fashion.

Morin O leather bag on bellafricana marketplace
Morin O leather bag on bellafricana marketplace

In summary, Bags are to dressing, as to what bread is to butter. This implies that bags essentially compliments one’s dressing and it’s a great piece every lady must own. Apart from serving as a safe keep for all valuables, it also helps to accentuate our dressing. That’s why its needs to be carefully combined to suit our sense of style. For more options on elegant handmade bags in Nigeria, click here to order.




5 Unique Woven Craft items

MitiMeth Water Hyacinth woven cup holders with adire fabrics sold on bellafricana marketplace

Gone are the days when woven craft items were only used in local places, and were not valued but thanks to several craft designers that have helped in repurposing craft designs and adding more aesthetics to fit different purposes.

These unique woven craft items are used in places like homes, offices, hospitality industries, etc, and also used as fashionable pieces too.

Here is a list of 5 unique woven craft items you would love:

 1. BAGS

Yasmin crafts, a craft design and interior decoration company indulge in creating beautiful, elegant, and creative designs using natural fibres. Apart from designing interior decorative items for your homes, offices, or recreational centres, this craft maker also creates upholsteries as well as fashion items such as bags and purses. Combining this beautiful raffia bag will most certainly help spice up your look, making you look casually funky and edgy while still dripping in your beautiful and ecstatic drip. These beauty bags can be used casually to outings, hangouts, or mini parties.

raffia bag made by yasmin craft on bellafricana marketplace.

Another good thing about transforming natural fiber into usable items is that there is no limit to what one can create with these resources. Creating any piece of the item can be spurred by certain circumstances and needs. I will give you a short story of how mitimeth a brand and creative craft company came up with making an appealing zipper pouch.

“Once upon a time mitimeth visited a company that had loads of jute selvages. Management figured that since they were into Upcycling, they will be able to do something useful with the selvage material which was waste generated from their manufacturing process. Super thrilled and beaming with ideas, we took the Jute selvage waste and ran with it. They used the selvages to create   zipper pouch bags with layers of frills to add just a little bit of drama to the mix.

The detachable turquoise bag handles are made from fish leather. Yep, you read that right! Leather made from the inedible skin
of the Nile perch by a Social Enterprise in Kenya Upcycling and combining waste materials is the name of our game mitimeth

This goes a long way to show how waste materials are now absolutely important. And can be used to add glamour and beauty to any work of art and craft.

Pouch bag by mitimeth on bellafricana marketplace
Pouch Bag

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Good riddance to a decluttered space is this ladder shelf. Not only does this beautifully woven raffia basket and free-standing structure add glam and intrigue to a space, but it also helps create extra surface space around the house. It’s stylish and attractive as well and it is used in places like the bathroom or bedroom. Certainly, this helps in neatly arranging, decluttering, and organizing items around that space. Yasmin crafts carefully pays attention to every detail in a space, I recommend this for people with much clutter, this is ideal because you can easily locate items when need be.

Woven shelves/Baskets by Yasmin Craft on bellafricana marketplace
Woven shelves/Baskets

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From harvesting eco-friendly raw materials to curating beautifully, sustainable, and environmentally friendly handmade trunks. These handcrafted, luxury and multipurpose storage trunks made by Yasmin crafts are certainly a must-have in our houses.  It helps a lot in keeping our valuable fabrics well scented and straightened over a long period.

Storage boxes and trunks by yasmin craft on bellafricana marketplace.



As earlier stated, Yasmin Crafts aims at refurbishing and organizing any space with still a high degree of class, beauty, and glam. That is why this eco-friendly laundry box was made. However, one advantage of this beautifully crafted woven laundry box is that it adds to the aesthetics of any space. It also adds extra elegance to your space, Moreso, its aids in hiding unpleasant stuff in a pleasantly, decorated, and well-patterned box.

laundry box by yasmin craft on bellafricana marketetplace
Laundry Box

Having this stylishly decorated piece of dining wares on the dining table is another unique woven item you would love. It is a highly decorative piece that will quickly draw attention to your table and your space. Adorning your space with a bit of nature helps in projecting the elegance and radiance that you so desire for your space. This is a creative piece made by mitimeth using hyacinth and waste materials.

hycinth dining wares made by mitimeth on bellafricana marketplace
Dinning Wares

In conclusion, every space, whether an office, your house,  or a hospitality industry indeed deserves a cozy, warm and earthly feeling. That can be done effortlessly by using woven and crafted pieces of decorative items in it. Fashionable items can be crafted using natural fibres and yarns. For more unique woven items ideas click here to see other beautiful pieces.




Meet the Founder of Yasmin Crafts [Exclusive Interview]

Meet the Founder of Yasmin Crafts

I had the utmost pleasure of meeting this beautiful soul during the ACE Awards 2021, where she won the category for the best home & lifestyle brand. I was beyond awed at her graciousness, humility and positivity that she radiated at every point. Hence why I am honoured and thrilled to meet the Founder of Yasmin Crafts in this exclusive interview.

Meet the Founder of Yasmin Crafts
Hamsatu Aliyu-Afegbua – Founder of Yasmin Crafts
*To know more about the products, simply click on the images*

With no further ado, let’s meet the Founder of Yasmin Crafts for an exclusive interview.

Please Introduce yourself and your background.

My name is Hamsatu Aliyu-Afegbua and I’m an architect and hand-crafter. By the grace of God, I juggle 2 businesses: Eden Signature Limited, an Architectural and Interior design firm as well as Yasmin Crafts Limited which is my handicrafts business. Both of them are situated in Abuja, Nigeria. I am a graduate of Ahmadu Bello University, Zaria with an M.Sc in Architecture. I also hold a certificate in Entrepreneurship Management under the EDC, from Lagos Business School.

Tell us about your work. How did your company start?

We produce handcrafted products in the form of furniture, home decor and multi-purpose baskets. We use locally available raw materials to create these products. The brand Yasmin Crafts was born to satisfy the need for a custom crafts provider that could give better quality handcrafted products in Abuja.

How did you come about the name and what does it mean?

Yasmin” is my proposed first daughter’s name. The “crafts” I derived from the general term “handicrafts” which is the term used to describe our niche.

What is your niche and how did you know it was a market to get into?

My niche is Handicrafts. Known by some as Arts and Crafts. Living in Abuja for over 2 decades, I came to realise there was no craft maker who could skillfully add on accessories like real leather, fabric, logos, and art on products to enhance them. Most of the attempts to customise crafts, that I saw by the roadside or in the local markets did not turn out looking too good. One day, I decided to buy the basket from the market and then, customise it to my taste. It turned out great and everybody asked me where I bought the customised basket from.

The rest is history. 3 years down the line, here we are 😊. I started out with baskets and decor and within a year into the business, we had begun furniture production.

WhiteLaundryH by the Founder of Yasmin Crafts

Lidded Laundry Hampers by the Founder of Yasmin Crafts

*The Lidded Laundry hamper with removable liner is available in 5 different colors including natural, you can tuck this hamper away in a corner of your bed or bath room and keep those clothes off the floor.*

Wicker Planter by Yasmin Crafts

Wicker Planter by Yasmin Crafts

Wicker Planter by Yasmin Craft

*These stunning natural wicker planters are a nice way to add interior plants into your home. They come with bottoms designed to drain water away from the plant pot you intend to place inside the basket. Great for both real and faux plants.*

Where do you get inspiration for your products?

From my imagination and from observing the needs in the market. I sketch ideas down and develop them. I also draw inspiration from nature.

Another source of inspiration is listening to feedback from our customers, especially negative feedback. We take the feedback and examine our way of doing things as a business. We change what we can and fix what we can’t.

I tell my entire team that here at Yasmin Crafts, customer service is not just one department, it is all of us. Working as a team and sharing feedback has helped us grow as a business.

Natural Lani trunk Size 20 by 15 by 10 inches by Yasmin Crafts
Natural Lani trunk


*Giving gifts are an essential part of life and relationships. The packaging container is what will be seen first, so make it a memorable time for the person who is receiving it. This trunk is a classy woven gift box that you can be proud of placing your luxury gifts in.*

Lani Trunks by Yasmin Crafts

*With the high quality interior lining be ready to wow your recipients and make a great impression.  You can’t go wrong with this as your choice of container when it comes to gifting. The best part is, the gift recipient can use the trunk as an extra storage, extra seating to give another gift or even as a decorative piece afterwards!*

Lani Trunks by Yasmin Crafts

Can you remember one of the first products you made?

Yes. It is a 2 tone coiled raffia basket that I made to store my small jewellery pieces in. I was just learning how to weave at the time, and I had to push myself to try and finish it. I’m very proud of that basket.

What are some of the challenges you face in your business?

Lack of funds to expand our production. Buying large scale woodworking equipment and conducting more research on product development.

Do you have any regrets about venturing into this business?

Not at all.

What is your most popular product?

Our Aisha set of 3 multi-purpose baskets is one of our best sellers. This is because they can serve a multitude of purposes like storage, home organisation, home decor and gifting purposes.

Aisha baskets are available in 2 designs: a Plain basket with no fabric lining and our fabric lined baskets.

AISHASet3 by Yasmin Crafts


*Customised Aisha storage baskets. These gorgeously lined baskets can serve a wide variety of purposes. They come in 3 different fabric lining as pictures unless you say otherwise. There is a touch of Ankara to symbolise Africa.*
AISHAset2 by Yasmin Craft

Top uses among our customers for these baskets include:

  • Making a set of gift hampers with each basket.
  • Decluttering table tops.
  • Storing small items.
  • Displaying products for sale at a store.
  • Using them as a tray for serving snacks.
  • Hanging them as a wall decor basket.
  • Styling a shelf or console.

These baskets are dry use only, please note.

AISHASet1 by Yasmin Crafts

To what extent do you draw upon your Nigerian heritage for your work?

We spice things up with touches of popular Nigerian cultural items like sewing beadwork on the handles of our baskets. We also make use of African fabrics to customise our baskets, decor and furniture.

What are some of your short term and long term goals, both in your business and life in general?

Short term, we hope to be able to invest in large scale woodworking machinery and power tools that will help scale up production and cater for the time demands of our customers. Handcrafting is a slow process, having the right machinery speeds things up.

In the long run, we hope to expand our sales and grow the naira through large scale exports. Promoting quality African crafts all over the world is another long term goal we hope to achieve through expanding our locations.

For my goal in life, I’ll say I hope to be recorded in the history books as the founder of a premium Nigerian lifestyle brand that created employment for millions of women We currently employ a majority of women in our workforce and we intend to keep it that way.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I do some of the metal and carpentry work at Yasmin Crafts.

Ladder shelf, with 4 baskets by Yasmin Crafts


*This handy piece of furniture helps you save space. With varying sizes of storage baskets, you can organise and display products or decor items on these ladder shelf. Ladder shelves makes for an eye catching display and are great for small spaces where you need a tall storage option. Available in 3 colors: Dark brown, Black and White.*

Ladder shelf, with 4 baskets by Yasmin Crafts

What profession would you be in if you weren’t in this industry?

I would be in the building profession, which I am already privileged to have been doing long before I founded Yasmin Crafts.

If you could give one piece of advice to anyone who wants to start their own business in your industry, what would it be?

Learn the skill of crafting if you can. Knowing how to make your own products or some of them, is definitely an added advantage.

Take your failures as a part of the success to come.  It may take a lot of time, and you will have to be committed and disciplined to be able to launch and sustain a business in hand-crafting.

It has been an absolute pleasure having this exclusive interview and getting to meet the Founder of Yasmin Crafts.

To connect with Yasmin Crafts, you can follow and contact her via:

Instagram: yasmincrafts

WhatsApp: +234 901 0909 292

Office Address: Suite 15, Okanga plaza, Idris Gidado Street, Wuye, Abuja. (Open Mondays to Saturdays 10 am to 6 pm).



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