7 Women’s Handbags To Shop For In Nigeria

Aaboux bags on bellafricana Marketplace

If you’re thinking of splurging money on a luxurious handbags in Nigeria, then it is worth considering a style that will stand the test of time, one that is versatile, unique and still fits into your budget. If you so desire a timeless piece, that wont go out of existence, then I would advice you go for these African Made bags that will give such much flexibility, one that is not too common and still stylish.

I selected beautiful and elegant bags that with certain considerations in mind like; timeless colours, season-less silhouettes and trusty fabrics and affordability.

So here are 7 women’s handbags to shop for in Nigeria, and will certainly never feel like a regretful purchase:
      1. Qamin Handbags:

This classic handbag is a truly great investment which will never go out of style – and is versatile enough to be carried day and night. It can be used on both casual and official dressings. Qamin handbags are made with eco friendly materials, and from reviews of buyers, these bags can last for a longer period of time and surprisingly still grabs attention whenever it is carried.

Handbags by Qamin on bellafricana marketplace

     2. Aaboux Strapless Bags

This AABOUX handbag brand is best known for its innovation, elegance and unique designs. This timeless staples pouch is designed to infuse a little glamour into your evening looks and casual outfits. Let’s help you rock your outfit beautifully with different hues of elegant and timeless handbags.

Aaboux bags on bellafricana Marketplace

      3. Zeeza Bags

Zeezabags designers carefully and skillfully play with colours and patterns while crafting this beautiful piece. No wonder it’s one of the best buy in Nigeria Handmade bag marketplace. This design comes with a leather and a colourful canvas strap, giving you even more versatility. It can be hung, used as pouches and can carry as many items even with its petite look.

Zeeza bags leather bag on bellafricana marketplace

          4. ZoneA Creations

Add some glamour to any look with ZoneA Creations, which comes in a number of colours, shapes and sizes. This colorful bag is multi-purposed and fit only for casual events.Bag Pack by ZoneA Creations on Bellafricana Marketplace


         5. Ethnik Africa

We love this small, new-season Kaia bag from Ethnik Africa handbags, which is sure to become a treasured piece in your wardrobe. Ethink bags uses the best Nigerian Aso-oke woven fabric and genuine leather to create wonderful designs.

Aso oke bag by Ethnik onBellafricana Marketplace

        6. O’Eclat Designs

O’Eclat Design bag comes in a huge variety of colours and sizes, including this small, textured design, which would be a lovely addition to any woman’s wardrobe. Add radiance, edge and elegance to your fashion using these classic and flamboyant coloured handbags.

Black leather Batik Bags by O'Eclat on Bellafricana Marketplace


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        7. Morin O

You can always rely on Morin O handbags to inject a little elegance into your wardrobe, and this top-handled leather bag will do just that. The style has a shoulder strap too.

Morin O Almando Round Stitch handbags - N36,000


African craft and handbag makers are causing a whole vibes to the fashion industry. Adding these collections to your wardrobes will most definitely give your fashion sense radiance and a top up. These items can easily be sourced for one Bellafricana marketplace. And good enough, these items are budget friendly and durable for anyone and in any season.

5 Fabulous Home Decorative Items Using African Fabrics

African fabrics are known for their diverse and complex designs which usually are a depiction of the culture. Apart from being used as fashion pieces like handbags, and dresses they are also used as decorative pieces. I sat and watched the processes involved in curating and combining African fabrics with furniture, with precision, detail oriented and compassion for the craft was a sight to behold.

Let me take you through 5 Fabulous home decorative items using African fabrics.


The beauty of African-made prints is the ability to carefully and seamlessly infuse beautiful and elegant colors to produce vibrance. Adire Fabric is one type of indigenous African fabric that uses the tie and dye process. These window drapes I spotted on @Urbanfiitter on Instagram, use earth-toned colors to add special effects to your space.

As much as window drapes a re essential to every space, its therefore necessary to add a little bit of sparkle and beauty to it because it’s the first thing that catches the eye in a space.


Window drapes by Urbanfitter on instagram
Window Drapes.

Designing a beautiful duvet as this involves very calculated process. The processes involved in creating this master piece IS really marvellous and exciting to watch. Moreso, lot of designers are specific on the exact type of fabric/designs/color they need for their brand, but the majority of these designs are not easily found in the market, so that is where adire comes in. Artisans are capable of making the exact patterns/designs and dying them to their preferred choice of color. This beautiful Adire duvet is crafted by @1stDibs on instagram and ankara bedding is from @justbeddingslagos.

Adire Duvet by 1stDibs on instagram
Adire Duvet by 1stDibs on instagram

Just Bedding, ankara bedsheet and pillow case Lagos Bellafricana member


Designers of African fabrics tend to produce well sequenced and colored throw pillows.  It’s no news that designers are now indulging in more creative ways in conceiving beautiful designs and patterns which is anchored on adding elegance, vibrance and fabulousness to every piece they work on. I love this particular design by Apoti Lagos, with its well sequenced and patterned design adding extra edge and flamboyance to a space.

Throw pillows by Apoti Lagos on Bellafricana Marketplace
Throw pillows by Apoti Lagos on Bellafricana Marketplace
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Footstools make the perfect partners to our sofas and chairs. If you haven’t got enough room for a chaise sofa, a footstool is a great way of providing a footrest at a slightly lower level to your seat. Apoti Lagos, a wood and waste company that provides warm and comfortable furnitures. Another beautifully thing about this company is that it promote African beauty by using simple aesthetic fabrics, thereby adding luxury, vibrance and excellence to any space.

Footstool by Apoti Lagos on bellafricana marketplace
Footstool by Apoti Lagos on bellafricana marketplace

This hallow cushion is both a storage and decorative piece for ant space. Its well patterned and African fabric creates a fabulous accent too. Simple yet stylish, catchy and edgy. Adding a splash of color with African prints is always a good idea! These spectacular art works, mirror, and frames will add a special twist to your home decor. Apoti Lagos  loves to play with colors, this brand puts value on aesthetics using appealing designs and prints, which will definitely give your home and space an instant makeover.

Cushion Hallow by Apoti Lagos on bellafricanan marketplace
Cushion Hallow by Apoti Lagos on bellafricana Marketplace
Some general tips for using African Fabrics in home decor
  • Start easy with a minimalistic color foundation, so that the prints and color of the decor can bounce off the plain palette and shine more.
  • Don’t try too hard to make a big splash with the prints, sometimes you can match 2-4 designs in different decor items; wall art, pillows, curtain, and lamps. The trick is to make sure these different fabrics all compliment each other.
  • Finally, resist the urge to use all the ankara home decor items you can find. It will most likely be the focal point of the room so don’t let things get confusing and tacky.

Africans inspired home decorative pieces comes in different patterns, designs and colors. You want to add fun, feel, aesthetics and balance using decorative pieces, then try these 5 fabulous home decorative items using African Fabric will help you achieve that. Click here to order for more and follow our instagram page @bell_fricana and @bellafricana shop.


5 Reasons Perfume Diffusers Are Essential For Your Space


One cannot overemphasise the importance of a well scented and aromatic space. According to research, smell is one of the most powerful senses as it helps to transport us back in time in a moment and also evokes emotions and causes attractions.

Scents whether good or bad, tends to send messages faster than any other senses in the body. Not to wonder why you get more thrilled and encapsulated with good scents when you walk into a fast food, good restaurant or hospitality industry.

In this article, I will give you 5 reasons perfume diffusers are essential for your space.


Have you ever walked into a space, and you felt like eating up the air in there, sounds funny right?. When you step into a comfort zone, one needs to pay attention to the ambience and air condition of that environment. Good and well scented environments conveys feelings, it also has a lot to do with conveying peace, calmness and tranquility. Scent Pro bubblegum diffuser, not only does it give that exciting and bubbly feeling, its scent helps create high spirit, relaxing, cosy and welcoming demeanour.

Scents Pro Luxury Diffusers on bellafricana marketplace
Scents Pro Luxury Diffusers on bellafricana marketplace

Richly blended cool green floral heart notes, citrus top notes, and woody undertones make up the energizing perfume of the Igi pe and a representation of sustainability, fruitfulness and endearing spirit upon the areas from which she comes.

I love this particular scent, because its conveys happy and fulfiling scents. I specifically chose this fragrance as it enhances mood with its aroma while also leaving a lasting impression on those who enter your place.

Abela perfumes by Abela World, the creator of our lovely perfumed fragrance Igi Ope, had your visitor in mind when developing it because it was made with the purpose to warm the heart, find joy, and boost the spirit. Nobody who goes into your space wants to leave in a hurry.

Igi Ope perfume diffuser by Abela world on bellafricana marketplace
Igi Ope perfume diffuser by Abela world on bellafricana marketplace

The ferocious aroma of Iná fé would undoubtedly be a symbol of unity and shared bonds (meaning the Flame of Passion). The intense redolence of Abela perfumes by Abela World, which is warmly hugged by notes of citrus, amber, musk, and woods, can captivate the heart. Impressing its sensuality upon our deepest impulses and its passion and inherent talent with a blazing feeling of urgency upon existence in the most profound way.

Each person is inspired by Iná fé to keep the flame alive by overcoming obstacles, catching feelings, and exchanging vibrations.

Ina Efe perfume diffuser by Abela world on Bellafricana marketplace
Ina Efe perfume diffuser by Abela world on Bellafricana marketplace

Room sprays are quicker and more effective than diffusers. It can enter even the most obscure areas of your rooms, offices, or overall environment. Abela Scents has discovered a more effective method of dispensing clean, fresh air into the atmosphere. Imagine only needing a few droplets of spray to cover the entire area in these overpowering scents. Enjoy Ilari room spray’s rich, happy, even cozy, and hygienic aroma. Perfect for usage in public spaces like hotels, fast food restaurants, workplaces, places of worship, conference rooms, etc. It’s an effective aromatherapy for reducing anxiety and worry.

Ilari perfume spray by Abela World on Bellafricana marketplace
Ilari perfume spray by Abela World on Bellafricana marketplace
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Nothing brings to life a forgotten memory as a fragrance. Omi iye fragrance is that which speaks to your heart and hopefully someone else’s. The magical scent of Omi Iyè (meaning the River of Life) is a semblance of fresh violet & ozone notes rounded off with soothing herbal notes.

Africa is truly blessed with its richness and Abela scents has fully embellished these blessed resources by creating good scents from the Niger to the highlands of East Africa. Imparting the newness of life, the very heart of creation, Beckoning calmness, bursting vibrantly & dancing to the symphony of her rustic beat is the Omi Iyè. This fragrance inspires pureness, richness, and sweet memories.


Omi Iye perfume diffuser by Abela World on Bellafricana Marketplace
Omi Iye perfume diffuser by Abela World on Bellafricana Marketplace

Ensure you serenade your atmosphere with pure and rich fragrance, this helps to bring composure, bliss and radiance to your space. Every space deserves this magical touch. With these 5 reasons, perfume diffusers are essential for your space, click here to order for your well scented candles.




7 Unique Gift Items For Women

zivanora jewelry culla collection trio bracelet grey sold on bellafricana marketplace unique gift items for women

Are you thinking of the best unique gift items for women in your life? This could be your wife, mother, godmother, grandmother, or daughter.

Gifting women could be very delicate as wants and needs vary. So let me take you on the different gift items that will send good memories, serve long-lasting emotions and feelings in ways words wouldn’t.

Here are 7 Unique Gift Items For Women;


You can never underestimate the value of a small purse or clutch bag for ladies, this nicely designed leather clutch is suitable for all kinds of occasions and gatherings.

Clutches were intended to add to, rather than detract from, the look of an over all outfit. A clutch purse comes in handy for women because instead of having one handbag that was meant to go with everything, women would want clutches to match the gown or cocktail dress they’d be wearing.

This O’Eclat black leather bag is a wonderful unique gift item for women.



You know how well women adorn fabrics like this, it can be used as skirts, flowing gowns, and other nice dress styles. Adire fabrics are very versatile and could be worn and sewn differently and stylishly.

Adire Fabric is a durable, classy Nigerian fabric that should be promoted, protected, and sustained as a cultural heritage especially as our youths are fast losing their cultural identities best reason why our mothers will cherish this as a generous gift idea.

Asologe is a special adire designer, who skill-fully and aptly applies her craft beauty sense.



Are you looking for the best way to convey your emotions and feeling in words for that special woman, of course, who else can be a special woman if not your mother or a mother figure in your life? Not just pulp creates memories and nostalgia with the way she conveys feelings in a very subtle and ecstatic manner.



Morin O classic bags do a lot to add style, class, poise, and elegance. Just don’t get too worked up wanting to get designer bags like Doir, dolce and Gabbana, or Prada, when our local indigenous brand bags makes, are making waves in the fashion industry too.

This brand also has global and international standards as its products are being sold globally. So look no further for good, durable, and high-standard bags for that wonderful woman and add radiance, confidence, and beauty.


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Aside from making beautiful handmade bags, Morin O also produces premium leather sandals, suitable for any occasion and very comfortable for the feet. long-lasting and very stylish. Don’t forget women love to dress well and yet find comfort in what they wear too.



Like the saying, jewelry is like the perfect spice-it always complements what’s already there. Jewelry balances a woman; outfit and completes her style that’s whys it’s ideal for a gift item. it’s versatile as it doesn’t select seasons and body times and is suitable for women of all ages. Zivanora jewelry collections are elegant, chic, and edgy, and it tells a story about the person wearing them. it simply tells CLASS AND POISE. Just because accessories are small yet a significant part of an outfit, then it is a sure gift package.




This skincare combo will get the excitement of any lady. Women feel real comfortable with clean and clear skin and Modara Naturals helps that process. This gift package is a combination of three skincare products that total replenishes and heals skin issues. suitable for all skin types and it also uses natural ingredients. so let’s hop on this beauty product for our loved ones.


After carefully going through all these beautiful and enticing gift items. I hope your choice has been made, just if you need more gift items ideas for that distinguished lady in your life, click here to search for other best options.

7 Creative Gifts For Her

Hello, it’s that time of the year when you are disturbed about gifts for her, isn’t it? Probably a birthday, anniversary, wedding or some special occasion and you are surfing the net to see what gifts would be perfect for her. Lucky you, I am here to help you solve that problem without much stress.

Keep reading to see 7 creative gift ideas for her;

1. Scented Candles:

It is no secret that ladies always want to smell nice. But contrary to popular belief, their desire for good smell isn’t just restricted to their body, they also want their environment to smell good. By their environment, I mean their rooms, offices and more.

So, rather than the regular body spray, I think you should include scented candles in her gift package. Not only is this unique, it is very thoughtful and I know for sure, that every time and the perceives the good scent she would think of you.

Scented candles and diffuser from Tiwi Fragrance

To get yours,

Email; [email protected]

Call; 08044446467

2. Customized Cards:

Please don’t tell me you are one of those who think cards are outdated? If you are, allow me to break it to you, cards are still very much popping. Mind you, not just regular cards but customized cards with personalized messages from you.

Are you thinking what I am thinking? She would love them and probably have it placed somewhere everyone can see and compliment on how beautiful it is. You should consider getting one now.

Customized Card gift ideas for her

To get yours,

Call; +2348177322184

3. Foot Wear:

Ever heard of a person who doesn’t like a good footwear? I doubt you have! So, I can bet you, she would be delighted to have a beautifully designed foot wear for her birthday, anniversary, or any celebration you had in mind. Keep scrolling for a beautiful slippers from K.aspeng you can get for her now.
Footwear gift ideas for her

To get yours,

Email; [email protected]

Call; 07064738712

4. Bags:

It does not matter who the lady you intend to gift is, you can never go wrong by getting her a bag. I mean everyone needs a bag. Be it for decorative purpose, for official purpose, we all need a bag. So, you should get her a bag and watch her rock it with style. Below is a bag she would not say no to.

Marte Egele for Gift ideas for her

To get yours,

Email; [email protected]

Call; 09094821848

5. Personalized Throw Pillow:

There is something about personalized gift items that makes it so special. I mean, it shows a thought process and that makes it even more special.

Imagine being gifted a pillow with your face on it? My oh my, I will sleep with it beside me everyday. You can’t tell me nothing. I don’t need to tell that she would appreciate such a gift right? You all ready know this! So, get her one today.

 Gift ideas for her

To get yours,

Email;[email protected]

Call; 0818190113

6. Body Care Set;

Everybody wants to have a great skin, I should say, every lady especially So getting her some natural skin care product to brighten up her skin would be amazing gesture from you she would appreciate. Check out this product below.

Modara body set as a gift idea for her

To get yours,

Email; [email protected]

Call; 08100256457

7. Jewelries:

This is one gift idea for her you should never forget. No matter how small or insignificant it seems, this here is what complete the outfit for any occasion. Giving this to her as a gift would mean you pay attention to the little thing that matter most. Keep scrolling for a jewelry set she would love.

Gift ideas for her from Circa 64

To get yours,

Email; [email protected]

Call: 08026888826

With the gift ideas for her mentioned above, you can never go wrong with what to get her.

Looking for Quality Unique Gift Items in Nigeria?

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] One of my love language is receiving gifts, but I also love to give unique gift items. As we all know, a gift is something you give willingly to someone without asking for payment in return. It can be quite daunting to come up with creative ideas of a gift, especially if you have given all the ideas before :). Not only have I collated creative gift ideas you can consider, but they are of great quality and made locally in Nigeria. These businesses are verified by Bellafricana, so you are in good hands. [/dropcap]
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