Make ‘no’ a positive experience

Make 'NO' a positive experience

I know it can be hard and frustrating at times but you can make ‘NO’ a positive experience. It is difficult to accent the positive when you are telemarketing your own services/products. Telemarketing can be a frustrating task. Statistically, a 10% response rate is an outstanding result – even when it is being performed by professional telemarketers. So you must prepare yourself to hear “No thank you” a lot.


How to Make No a Positive Experience.

How to Make No a Positive Experience.
  1. Don’t Overwork Yourself

First, and most important, don’t get on the phone more than five hours a day. Any longer than that will make the experience frustrating (even if you incorporate the following proven tips).

  1. Give Yourself A Break, Or Two, Or even Three

Take a 10 minute break after the first hour of calls. Take another 10 minute break after the next hour and a half. And so on.

Structuring breaks into your phone schedule gives you a better edge psychologically. Not only your mind, but your voice, needs the rest. You will find yourself compartmentalizing your work schedule into three or four goal-oriented phone sessions a day, rather than view it as one, long, exhausting day on the phone. Also, if you’re behind schedule or want to get home early, don’t try to tough it out and skip a break or two. You’ll be more effective on the phone if you allow yourself time to rest on a regular basis.

  1. Each ‘No’ Is Another Step Closer to ‘Yes’

This does not mean turning each ‘No‘ into a ‘Yes.’ We’re just putting the negative response in proper perspective. Always remember that it’s a numbers game!

Like I said before, telemarketing yields a 5% to 10% positive response rate. Two wrongs don’t make a right, but nine ‘no’s do statistically yield a ‘yes.’ Every ‘No thank you’ you hear is an expected response that you can mark down as part of an ongoing process. If you dial the phone knowing that, on average, every tenth person you talk with will respond positively. You then eliminate the frustration and have a goal to work towards.

It will also make you a more confident and effective telemarketer. How? Simple. When you do talk with the one-in-ten respondent who replies with a, “Sure, I’ll be glad to schedule a meeting with you (or buy your product),” you won’t be or sound surprised. Just professional.  And when you’re on the phone conducting business, you definitely want to sound confident and professional.

Finally, do have a script well prepared and handy before making these calls. Talking off your head is not advisable as you might miss [or skip] one or more vital information that is needed. The script would serve as a guide, as you’ve written down pointers.

Remember, there will always be no as answers but it that would make the yes more rewarding.

Telemarketing tips you should know.

Telemarketing Tips You Should Know

Telemarketing should never be undermined, as it could make or break your company. It could even improve or worsen the sales growth of the business. Note, asides from physical and virtual communication,  phone calls are a more direct form of communicating. Understandably, not everyone can be good at telemarketing. Here are Telemarketing tips you should know.

Effective telemarketing campaigns are targeted to customers and prospects that are most likely to respond. They broaden the names of your products, services, or company to the prospects you want to reach.Telemarketing Programs

There are generally two types of telemarketing programs:
  • One that generates a sale or close.
  • One that generates a request for more information.

Which one works for your company, of course, depends upon what type of product or service you are selling. It may be possible to sell your products or services right over the phone. Or it could require an additional appointment for a demonstration with a salesperson. The type of product or service, its complexity, and whether it is hard to sell or not, will also determine the type of telemarketing program you should develop. So when planning your campaign, keep in mind all these factors.

I advice that if your product or service is relatively inexpensive and can be demonstrated easily, using the telemarketing campaign as a way of “selling” appointments or even the product or service, go ahead as it can lead to the conclusion of the sale right over the phone!

If the prospect feels that your product or service is expensive, they generally require more information before they purchase or even consent to a demonstration. In these cases, you may want to design a campaign that triggers a Request for more information.

You must also keep in mind that the more expensive the item you sell, the higher up on the chain of command the decision-maker will be. You need to find out who the proper decision-maker would be, and if they were willing to receive more information on the product or service you are providing.

Furthermore, try calling to verify addresses. Reminding them of your product or service. No hard sell involved, as you are just checking in.



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