Rice can be considered a staple food in Africa, because majority of people in African countries eat this meal in a variety of ways. I think we have more rice recipes than the Asians who first cultivated this crop. My mum is a caterer, and I remember eating different types of rice meals while growing up, and my favorite used to be coconut rice. Still is actually.

The most common way rice is served in African homes, is usually with stew made from tomato puree and any protein of choice. But all over the continent, there has been an amazing rice evolution and we have seen rice dishes made with the craziest ingredients. The fun part however, is that they always taste sooooo good. Today, I will be taking you away from the ”conventional rice world” and I will be showing you some amazing African rice dishes you should definitely try. Lets get started!


This is a Ghanaian delicacy made with rice and beans, which can be served on its own, or eaten alongside the famous Ghanaian pepper sauce, fish, or spaghetti. This dish is one thing to look forward to on your next trip to Ghana.


A speciality of the Coast of Kenya, this biryani is one of my absolute favourite kind! The masala is cooked separately and the rice separately, then the two are served together. Some ingredients used in this dish are potatoes, fresh tomatoes and yogurt, to name a few.

MUPUNGA UNE DOVI (Peanut Butter Rice)

I’m pretty sure you have never thought about using peanut butter for anything other than toast. But here in Africa, we make it a point of duty to change the game. This rice dish is prepared with Dovi (peanut butter) and can be eaten plain or served with beef sauce and best cooked with Basmati.


This rice dish is popularly known as concoction rice, mostly because all the ingredients are put in at the same time. It is an alternative of Jollof, and is prepare with palm oil and other local ingredients such as, dry fish, scent leave or pumpkin leaves.


Have I said that this is my favorite? Oh yes! This dish is made using the milk from the coconut and garnishes with dried fishes, crayfishes, prawns etc. Trust me. this dish is divine! I can make some for you if you like.


The most popular! This rice dish has caused very interesting twitter and Instagram wars. I don’t even want to go into that right now. This dish is a West African favorite that generated from the Wolof people of Senegal. This dish is used in almost every celebratory gathering, ranging from birthdays to weddings and so on.

What are some other African rice dishes you have tried out and would recommend? let me know in the comments. I just may try it out.