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Meet The Founder Of Bimbeads Concept | Exclusive Interview

Bimbeads Concept Founder and CEO, Bimbo Balogun, is an exceptionally talented and focused lady. I am indeed excited to introduce her to you today. I am sure there’s a lot we all can learn from her.
When we meet such interesting individuals at Bellafricana we don’t keep how wonderful they are to ourselves alone. We generously give you an insight to how amazing they are. So come on beautiful people, let’s meet Bimbo Balogun, founder of Bimbeads …


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Meet The Founder of Jedidiahs Place | Exclusive Interview

Oluwatosin is the Creative Director at Jedidiah’s Place and has a City and Guilds Certificate in Creative

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Meet The Founder of Mint Organic Care | Exclusive Interview

Creativity can be expressed in a lot of ways. Often times, I have come to realise there is always a story behind a

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