African Platter Map: Baasto Pasta With Meat Sauce (Somali)

Somalia also called Somali is a country located at the horn of the African continent, which has the 43rd largest land mass, blessed with loads of plateaus and highlands, and is abundant in countless mineral resources. Although going through certain economic issues, food is a common language that turns heads anywhere and makes the tummy stand at attention.
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Discover Ijebu-Ode!

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]The town is peaceful, tranquil and receptive. It is blessed with so much history, an enticing festival, cuisine and hospitality that attracts tourists and visitors yearly to the town. Ijebu-Ode is a local government in Ogun State, South-West; Nigeria. The state is hugely popular for being the home of the revered Olumo Rock and Lisabi Festival. The nomenclature Ijebu-Ode is the combination of two great personalities and founders of the town-Ajebu and Olode. Both families were the first settlers in the ancient town. A total of 154,032 reside in the town. It is dominated by the Ijebus and Ijebu is their lingua franca.[/dropcap] Continue reading


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