5 Reasons You Need Throw pillows

Throwpillows by pillowtalks on bellafricana marketolace

Throw pillows are typically used on sofas or armchairs, but they are also frequently used on beds, day beds, and floors. A throw pillow serves as an aesthetic as well as a functional purpose. Decorative pillows are frequently used to tie in color accents within a room, often drawing on drapes, walls, or area rugs. They can also be used to create a more casual atmosphere by appearing to be thrown onto a piece of furniture. Throw pillows can provide back, neck, and head support from a functional standpoint.

Throw pillows, despite their small size, can have a significant impact on any room they are placed in. If you’re unfamiliar with these decorative pillows, you’re probably wondering what makes them superior to the average pillow you sleep on. Let me run you through 5 reasons you need a throwpillow for your space.

  1. Decorative piece

Lot of throw pillow designers have been able to embellish their throw pillows with lovely and captivating stories and crafts. No more would you have boring pieces of pillows thrown around the house. Throw pillows now serve as accent pieces to several spaces. This throw pillow crafted by bosh designs tells a simple story of the western part of Nigeria, precisely Lagos, as it captures captivating transportation system predominant around that environment. if you need your home to tell story. Then this bosh designs throw pillow is a good for.

Bosh Designs
Danfo throw pillow
2. Create Unison

Throw pillows are best ways of creating unison in our spaces. Most throw pillows match up with the drapes, stools, sofas and even wall decorations. This creates beauty and glamour in our spaces and catch easily appeal to the eye. This pillow is beautifully decorated by Apoti Lagos and it adds extra elegance to our spaces.

Adinkra Footstools with Twin Throw Pillows

3. Make A Statement

Decorative throw pillows can make a dramatic statement in some cases. For instance, the pillows can contrast with the sofa or couch and they can bring a touch of color to this part of the room while also making the whole space look and feel more comfortable. Throw pillows create illusions and flamboyance around the home. It can never be looked away. Say no to boring spaces, add some taste and class with these pillow talk pillows.

My Africa Throw Pillow by Pillow Talk 9ja sold on Bellafricana Shop and Marketplace

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4. Comfort

Pillows, first and foremost, should provide comfort to you and any guests you have over. Setting up the pillows on a chair, couch, or bed allows you to relax in a comfortable position. Anyone who has slept on the couch without a pillow knows how uncomfortable it can be. You can avoid falling asleep on the couch and waking up with a kink in your neck if you have a throw pillow nearby.

Throw pillows also make long periods of sitting on the couch or watching TV more comfortable. Using a pillow while doing any number of activities on the couch, such as playing video games and watching TV, will help you avoid putting unhealthy substances on your body. This is also very useful for long travels as well.

Neck pillows by pillow talks on bellafricana marketplace

5. Visual Attraction

Throw pillows can be a huge help when it comes to prioritizing the visual appeal of a room. This is because throw pillows are a great way to match the color, texture, or style of nearby accessories like drapes. Extending factors like color and texture across multiple areas of a room can help you tie everything together visually. Of course, you don’t want to repeat those elements too often, which is why using them in small touches like throw pillows is ideal.

The advantages of using throw pillows boil down to their ability to significantly improve the comfort and visual appeal of a room, provided you take the time to purchase the right set for the room you’re designing. Throw pillows can be more than just an amenity with the right attention to detail—they can be an important part of your interior design. Bosh designs always does it real good in creating visualling appealing pillows.

Bosh Deigns African Drum throw Pillow sold on bellafricana shop and marketplace


Every time you think of adding some asthestics to your home consider adding a touch of throw pillow. And if you are wondering where to shop for your beautiful, click here to get your beautiful throwpillows.

Give Your Home A MitiMeth Makeover

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] Early this year, I visited an Ibibio family home and was completely blown away by their home décor.  They had really cool wicker furniture, which gave their living room a certain traditional essence.
After my visit, I kept wishing I could get some hand crafted furniture for my home too. Then a friend told me I can get some in the local markets. [/dropcap]
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Give Your Home A MitiMeth Makeover

Early this year, I visited an Ibibio family home and was completely blown away by their home decor.  They had really cool wicker furniture, which gave their living room a certain traditional essence.

After my visit, I kept wishing I could get some hand crafted furniture for my home too. Then a friend told me I can get some in the local markets.

Sincerely, I was utterly disappointed when I visited Eko Market. I did find the handcrafted home decoration items like baskets, little flower stand and whatnots but, the finishing was not good at all and I just wanted more creativity.

I got busy with other things and totally forgot about my desire for a home make-over by using handicraft till about a month ago.

Since am more of an online shopper, I got Googling and voila! I found MitiMeth listed as one of Bellafricana’s verified merchants (this was before I joined Bellafricana). Man!! I was ecstatic.

The finishing was perfect and you could see that a lot of creativity has been put into it. Another part that I really liked is how durable this products look. Brings to mind what we said about craftsmanship in one of our previous posts.

Get to Know The Home Decor Craftswoman

So, you know this popular English proverb that “one man’s trash is another man’s treasure”?

This couldn’t be truer; in fact it has proven to be the gold mine of one of our verified craftswoman Achenyo Idachaba.

MitiMeth CEO | Home Decor and Handicrafts
Photo Credit: CNN

Achenyo Idachaba is the founder and CEO of MitiMeth, a company that specializes in making quality handicrafts from dried water hyacinths.

The concept of reuse, reduce and recycle is still very foreign to many Nigerians. I am particularly among the few Nigerians who rave for conservation of resources. Back when I was studying Botany, one of my lecturers, Prof Okusanya usually say conservation is more like using resources wisely.

Not everything needs to be thrown away. There are actually a lot of great things that can be done with things tagged ‘waste’.

MitiMeth CEO went several steps further into the conservation chain and started making eco-friendly handicrafts from waste.

They have really cool variety of items that can be used either as home decorations or gift items.

Here are some of their products

Home Decor by MitiMeth

Home Decor by MitiMeth

MitiMeth natural colour hand woven side tables

MitiMeth Throw Pillow

MitiMeth exclusive table coasters | Dual sided

So I finally went for a tyre Ottoman, and some loom woven hyacinth pillows.

I’m thinking of getting some other items to transform my work space too. I really love the comfortable feeling I get from seeing furniture at work, that are similar to the ones I have at home.

*whispers* Need the boss’s approval on most though.


Are you looking to give your home a makeover too? Wouldn’t it just be absolutely lovely go home to beautiful and comfy products by MitiMeth. Click to view their page on our verified listing.

And if you really love working from home like I do, you might also consider sprucing up your work space with two or three items from the collection of uniquely crafted home and office decor by MitiMeth.

You can also get the notebooks made by MitiMeth to use as souvenirs for different types of event.


Thank you for your time darling Bella, if you have used one of MitiMeth products kindly tell us about your experience in the comment box below.

Or do you make remarkable Afrocentric products too or know someone who does and needs to get global recognition? Checkout our Get Verified page and follow the easy steps to joining our growing list of verified quality craftsmen in Africa.


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