Free Listing Alert!

Hello there! I am excited to announce to you, that Bellafricana has opened up the opportunity for creative business owners to list their African-owned products on the Bellafricana website for FREE. Oh yes! You read that quite correctly!

In other words, Bellafricana says, you as a business owner can set up an online shop on the website.

Prior to this time, only Bellafricana members could get their creative products listed on the website.

However, Bellafricana is always thinking of how they can impact as many business owners as possible especially this Covid-19 period. We’re very much invested in the easing the business journey of creatives (as much as possible) because we understand how daunting doing business alone can be.

That’s why we decided that business owners can have their creative products listed on the website at zero cost.

You might wonder:

What will a free listing on the Bellafricana website do for you?
  1. You get your products in the eyes of a global audience: Our well-ranked website puts your products right in the faces of those who search for them. We aren’t just content with making your product locally available, but are ensuring that it  is globally accessible as well. We have gotten a number of feedback from existing members, who have secured partnership deals, gotten patronage from international audiences and lots more. See one of such testimonials below:


 Sisi Aladire Testimonials

2. Get Easily Found on Google: The truth is that brands are less likely to be trusted if  a potential customer can’t find enough information about them online. That right there (not enough info), is a red flag for some. Just what if you can’t afford to get a website just yet? A listing page would be a great place to start.

Once your listing is set up on the Bellafricana website, it will become much more easier for your brand name to come up, when it is searched for.

3. Drive traffic to your website, and social media

Now, that is not to say that having a website cancels out the functionality of a listing page. Infact, the Bellafricana listing page can also help drive traffic to your website, and even your other social media handles. How? When setting up your listing page, you can insert the links to as many as 30 social media handles/ website links. Let me show you what the outcome looks like:

Organic life plus view listing


All these and more are the benefits of setting up your listing page.

So, what makes you eligible to setting up your listing page?

Your products need to be:

  • Top quality
  • Creative, and
  • African-owned

As an African-owned business, you don’t have to reside in Nigeria (or Africa) to be eligible. The important part is for the brand to be owned BY an African.

Check out this video that puts it all together:


How do you get started?

Just click on this link to begin setting up your free listing page, and start gaining the visibility your brand needs to grow and scale.

Watch out for a tutorial on how to list your products for free.

Till then, kindly spread the word to as many creative business owners as you can so they can all benefit from this immense opportunity.