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9 Tips For Vendors And Exhibitors

Every so often after an exhibition, you hear vendors say “I didn’t sell at that exhibition, I wont go back next year” And they state this fact as though the organizers of the exhibition were supposed to lead attendees to each vendor one after the other. In the same vein you hear other vendors talk about how they sold out all their products and you wonder how that is even possible.  (more…)

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Picture Speaks At The Africa Marketplace Pop Up Market

The Africa Marketplace second edition, held May 15, 2016 at Twenty 5, Banana Island Way, Lagos, Nigeria. Various entrepreneurs and small business owners were present at the pop up market to showcase and sell their products and services. The pop up was open from 12-7pm with 80 vendors from different sectors; beauty, food, fashion, art and craft  and over 800 visitors. Despite the wet day, it was an impressive turn out. Here are some pictures from the event. 


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