Lagos is a city packed with many top attractions and sights which you can visit for free if you are looking for fun places to visit in Lagos. As a matter of fact, when I first stepped into Lagos after my Youth service. I had researched over 50 different attraction sites that one can visit and get thrilled.

Watching all these wonderful places on Tv and seeing people make post on IG for me was not enough. I wanted to be there, I wanted to feel same measure of excitement, I wanted to get in touch with nature, I wanted that warmth and nostalgia, truthfully, my expectations on a daily was really running wild.

I still had Exceptions, I mean, just after finishing service, allowee (monthly stipends) too won’t be forth coming as usual, but how do I satisfy my long-desired cravings still with my low-budget and minimal plan.

I finally came to a conclusion, so here are my forever top 7 fun places to visit in Lagos.


If you are a nature lover, then this is the right spot for you. This is a natural habitat for wildlife and aside the wonderful animals to view, this place is indeed a sight to behold. There are lot of interesting things to do at LCC which includes sightseeing, canopy walk, tree hous on top of the tallest iroko tree, the swamp lookout station, there are also tons of games to play like the life size chess, ludo, draught, snake and ladder and lots more. Asides this, you can decide to just chill in the popular koi and tilapia fish ponds, barbecue joint and a step down coconut drink. There is lot more than you can ask for.

Lekki Conservation Center Lagos, fun places to visit in Lagos


I call this place, my seceret hide out. This is my favorite hideout.  This is Nigeria’s first and only restaurant situated in Victoria Island in Lagos. This restaurant serves mouthwatering cuisines and intercontinental dishes. This place offers its customers unsual experiences. With its turkish themed design designs, it gives people the vibes and feeling of being in turkey. So it’s actually you visiting turkey while you are still in Nigeria, LOL!.

This place has been given so much credit for its ambience, architectural design, cuisines, customer service, and its affordability as well. No kidding! Pasta cost 10k and cocktail is almost 5k. For me it’s a 10 over 10. And most importantly, flat shoes and slippers are not allowed for ladies, You have to rock your beautiful heels.

KAPADOCCIA Lagos Nigeria, Fun Places To Visit In Lagos

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Experience London in Lagos. That’s what I hear many say about this new beach in Lagos, lol. It’s well-lit, fun-filled and has the nicest view ever. Good beach is one cosy area that will be recommended for spouses that need a getaway location, singles that want time out to relax. It also features live band, orchestra and a whole lot. This place is beautiful and you don’t have you a choice, you just gotta visit asap.

The Good Beach Fun places to visit in Lagos Nigeria Bellafricana


Another wonderful sight you would love to behold is the Nike Art Gallery, one of the great fun places to visit in Lagos. This is Nigeria’s leading art gallery. It is also No.1 on Trip Advisor’s list of top places to visit in Lagos, Nigeria. The gallery is owned by Chief Nike Davies Okundaye. The Lagos gallery is located at 2 Elegushi Beach Road in Lekki.

This four storey gallery comprises of an art gallery and textile museum featuring over 7,000 pieces. On-site is also home to a coffee shop. Nike art gallery houses incredible beading and textiles as well as variations of art works. Excite yourself with the beautiful views, nice arts works and scintillating artefacts. Entrance here is absolutely free.

Nike Art Gallery Lagos Nigeria Fun Places To Visit In Lagos

Inside Nike Art Gallery Lagos


This is an an exhilarating atmosphere to feel. The warm breeze, the cosy ocean, the sound of water clapping beautifully at your feet. This beach is a complete ‘oasis’ from the noise and chaos of Lagos. You would agree with me that most times especially if you stay in Lagos, you seriously need a breather and this is a highly recommended place to ease your stress. I remember my first vacation to Takwa bay at night, I really never wanted to leave, I truly enjoyed every moment and i’m most certain you would too.

Takwa Bay Fun Places to Visit in Lagos Nigeria Bellafricana


This is also one of the many beautiful resorts in Lagos and this resort is located in the coastal town of Epe. Epe resort is the perfect destinatino for corporate events, destination weddings, honey moons, hangouts, picnics etc. If you need a vacation or a baecation as the case maybe, then this is the right location for you. It is also equipped with a spa, neat and exotic rooms. This is a perfect get away for you and your friends, family and spouses.

Takwa Bay Fun Places to Visit in Lagos Nigeria Bellafricana


Lakowe lakes and golf resorts is situated in the heart of Epe. Lakowe Lakes is the perfect place for a quiet & restful getaway. The resort area has different accommodation types (cabins, 1, 2 & 3 bedroom apartments) while the residential area has some units being used as shortlet apartments. The golf course itself is full fledged and well maintained, a perfect attraction for golfers. Some activities such as cycling (bikes provided by the resort), pedal boating and table tennis are complimentary for lodgers while additional activities such as bird watching, golf lectures for beginners and “bonfire night” are available but at a fee.

There aren’t that many things to do once at the resort but perhaps that’s the whole idea I.e. a focus on rest and relaxation. The food is pricey but tastes amazing. Lakowe is perfect for activities like cycling, morning runs, evening walks. Food-wise, you have the option of buying from the resort itself or the on-site restaurant (called The Wine Bar). Generally the staff are courteous and attentive.

On the flip side, their menu items are quite limited and also quite pricey. There’s no gym on the resort (though I understand same is under construction) and the activities list needs to be expanded a bit to prevent boredom. Overall however, it’s a lovely place and definitely recommend but for a short stay (say 3 days or a weekend).

Lakowe lakes and golf resort fun places to visit in Lagos Nigeria Bellafricana

Lakowe golf and beach resort fun places to visit in Nigeria Bellafricana


After all the stress, hustle and bustle, you sure need a place to “relass and be taken care of” as Nigerians would say. These 7 fun places to visit in Lagos are places that will hold such much memories and you will definitely want to go back. Have fun enjoying these places. After visit and you need souvenirs to purchase, visit Bellafricana shop online to place some orders.