, an online platform that bridges the gap, promotes and connects producers of quality Afrocentric products to customers both in the diaspora that want to connect to home and customers in the local that are dissatisfied and looking for quality products with a goal to make creative Afrocentric products globally accessible.

Beyond the online platform, Bellafricana aims to proffer solutions targeted towards reducing the challenges Afrocentric brands undergo.

They are also working hard to bring the quality creative Afrocentric brands to the forefront of the market.

I wanted to educate you of what it means for an Afrocentric business to be ‘Bellafricana Verified’.

Bellafricana Verified Crest

If you see a brand that carries this crest, this simply means;

1) The business/company is registered in Nigeria.

2) The business operates from a verified location in Nigeria.

3) The products have been checked to attest to the quality and reviews have been read from buyers who have given a clear tick ✔ rating the brand as acceptable by both us and the public except proven otherwise.

Bellafricana is working towards improving all buyers trust in buying a Nigerian/African brand and working with these producers on how to make their products more credible in the Nigeria and Global market if they have intentions to be sustainable and expand.

Bellafricana is very particular about the quality of Nigerian (African) brands whilst supporting them to grow their standards as they believe that promoting local talents to a global audience contributes to job creations in the Nigerian (African) economy.