5 Creative Ways To Decorate Your Walls

Woven wall clock by mitimeth on bellafricana marketplace

Our home is our asset and we owe it every responsibility of making every detail about it stand out. Starting from walls, lighting, floors, and furniture. In this article, I am going to be highlighting 5 creative ways to decorate your walls.

This article will bring out beautiful items and decorative pieces that can help your homes look classic, unique, and elegant.


Adorning your homes with this edifice is a great way to add emotions and personality to your home. The craft maker behind this beautiful piece of work, Ronke Scott, has been a firm creator of wonderful crafts. Her crafts are on the beauty and elegance of African heritage. She uses her craft to send emotions and messages, relating to African culture, beliefs, lifestyle, and traditions. let your walls tell a story using this beautiful painting of Ronke Scott.

Ronke Scott Gallery Artworks MINIATURES sold on Bellafricana Marketplace
Ronke Scott Gallery Artworks MINIATURES sold on Bellafricana Marketplace

Artini is a craft maker who skillfully uses her works to curate amazing wall portraits with good color harmony and color balance. Your home needs to be able to tell a story of who you are. This string art is a combination of color magic and great hues which will most suit well for your space. Artini arts and crafts pay a great deal of attention to details as it helps remodel any space and give it a more fabulous, embellished, and aesthetic look.

The African Woman String Art by Artini Bellafricana Member Exclusive Interview
The African Woman String Art by Artini Bellafricana Member Exclusive Interview

This woven water hyacinth and batik fabric will add a gorgeous eco-chic beautifying effect. skilled Nigerian artisans help modify the walls of any space using repurposed fiber into a more eccentric and fancy look.  This beautiful combination of woven fiber and African fabric infusion causes a more vibrant and warm visual aspect in your space. Mitimeth understands balance and harmony and that is shown in how she effortlessly infuses fabrics and fiber to form an aesthetic feel.

Woven wall clock by mitimeth on bellafricana marketplace
Woven wall clock by mitimeth on bellafricana marketplace
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An empty room is a story waiting to happen and you are the author. You create for your space the story you want using nice pieces of accessories in terms of ornaments, florals, lighting and so much more. Moreso, a flamboyant mirror decoration with embroidery tied around it for that vintage and cottage western look This is an elegant way of projecting and inspiring our homes. Yasmin Crafts designs protrays calmness, tranquility, and class.

Wall mirrors by yasmin craft on bellafricana marketplace
Wall mirrors by Yasmin craft on bellafricana marketplace

Wall Canva comes in different patterns, styles, and characters. Most Canva designs come in animated forms, spiral formations, color combinations, and other designs come in real human pictures. therefore, there is so much a Canva design can add to elements to your wall. Spice your walls with these creative and fascinating designs made by Artini crafts.


Wall canva on



Stop having boring walls. Oh yes! Spice up your wall decoration using attention-grabbing accessories. These items could be used on accent walls or table consoles. You could use this 5 creative ways to decorate your walls, clicks here to order beautiful accessories.

ArtHouse Contemporary November Auction

Igi Araba : Yusuf Grillo - 3-1-228x300

Friday night in Lagos usually spells ‘TGIF’, hanging out, social events and the like. No one wants to have a ‘dulling weekend’.

But Friday the 31st of October, in the Lagos art scene, had a different event in store. Art-lovers were treated to The ArtHouse Auction cocktail!

ArtHouse Contemporary Limited, a leading auction art company in Nigeria, organized a weekend-long event for the auction at The Wheatbaker Hotel, Ikoyi.

Kicking-off the weekend was the ArtHouse Cocktail on Friday 31st of October. This featured a preview of the artworks to be auctioned, refreshments, as well as an opportunity to network with fellow guests. The auction catalogues, and previous editions, were available for sale at the venue. It was the ideal environment to view the latest artworks by both upcoming artists and the great artists of West Africa.

Just picture a nice drink in hand, auction catalogue in the other, and having a first-hand insight into the minds of leading artists in West Africa through their artworks. After all, their art was the reason for the gathering. Some individuals had an expression of deep understanding of the works, a few took a step back in order to understand the concepts better, and others were engrossed in passionate discussions about particular artworks that caught their interest.

Being able to peruse works of the likes of Peju Alatise, Ben Enwonwu, Kofi Aghorsor, Sokari Douglas-Camp, etc.; definitely an art-lover’s ideal way to start the weekend. Wooden sculptures, oil paintings, woven artwork, beaded work, photographs, steel work; you name it. Regardless of the form of art one finds favorable, there was something for everyone.

The auction itself was an interesting experience. Slightly more formal than the cocktail. It took place on Monday 3rd of November. The organizers kept to time as much as possible and, along with the auctioneer, made the auction sale a smooth event. Auction catalogue in hand, most people were sure to mark their favorite artwork and make notes of the eventual sale price.

For more information on ArtHouse Contemporary Limited and the auction, visit www.arthouse-ng.com.

To the avid art-lovers out there, like myself, be sure not to miss out on the next auction slated for next year.

Layo Bright

Transgrexion: George Osodi

Transgrexion: George Osodi-g3-300x200


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