Modern And Contemporary Art Auction


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] The ArtHouse Contemporary Limited will be having an Art auction today from 6-9pm at The Wheat Baker Hotel … [/dropcap]

Arthouse Contemporary is conceived as an international auction house with its greatest level of expertise resting in the Art of West Africa and its greatest effort focused on the parity of international recognition towards the talented artists who are from or are based there.

The success of auctions focused on works from a specific region, as in the art of South Asia, China or Southeast Asia, is a benchmark for Arthouse Contemporary.  These auctions help create awareness of the scope of that regionalized art, passionate interest in individual artists, and serve as a working database to be used for fair, market oriented valuations.  These developments in the art world are encouraging for the similar prospective growth of Traditional, Modern and Contemporary African Art.

Arthouse Contemporary was founded in Nigeria in mid-2007.  It is made up of a working team of administrators and a Nigerian-based Board of Advisors.

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