Fashion lovers in Nigeria are definitely not new to Adire but if you have never heard of the fabric from Nigeria, you have been missing out on all the colorful items you could have in your wardrobe. To help you a better understanding of this, here is some history;

Adire, is a Yoruba (a tribe in Southwestern Nigeria) word for tie and dye. It was first made by Yoruba women of old by using a variety of resist-dyeing techniques.As the translation of the name suggests, the earliest pieces of Adire were probably simple tied designs on cotton cloth handspun and woven locally. 

I remember seeing a movie called “Odùduwà“, where the first wife of Oduduwa thought women how to tie and dye clothes. The ideology according to that movie’s story line was that before tie and dye textile came, clothes were only available in white colours. Continue reading here

Now we all are on the same page, let’s talk about the rise in the growth of adire. Gone are the days when there were limited styles for adire, now, you can you can use it for any style in mind. Check out some below;

With these latest styles, tell me who wouldn’t want to rock a piece?

Also, it’s easier to get now. With vendors such as Asologe, Sisi Aladire and more, you can easily place a call to get any of these. Click on pictures to shop any.

Asologe Adire Fabrics on Bellafricana

Adire by Sisi Aladire

Adire by Sisi AladireSisi Aladire Adire Eleko Fabrics


Adire fabric by asologe

With fabric styles like this, do you still wonder why adire fabric is growing in the fashion sphere? Join the train today and shop some adire fabrics from bellafricana marketplace.