Steve Jobs 10 Rules For Success


You have probably heard that experience is the best teacher, and like many, you hope for experiences that would lead to greatness.

The good thing is, you can learn from those who have walked the part to greatness. This, in turn, saves you from the hard lessons of life.

Today, let’s learn from one of those considered successful in every sphere, Steve Jobs, C.E.O and Co-founder of Apple.

In a study compiled by Evan Carmichael, here are 10 rules to success by Steve Jobs;

  1. Don’t live a limited life; There is a life the society, culture has designed as the ideal life for everyone but it is limited. Limited to ideas of those that created them, don.t fall into the trap of following the rules, create yours instead.
  2. Have Passion; You need to have passion for what you do. No matter how much you love what you do, there will be hard days. In those days, what gets you moving is your passion.
  3. Design For Yourself; Before you try to sell your idea to someone else, try using it yourself. If it can work for you, then there is someone out there who needs it too, if not, you might one to reconsider.
  4. Don’t sell crap; No matter how tempted you are to sell low-quality products to others, don’t. do it, Rather, focus on what you do best and make more of it.
  5. Build a great team; Professionals are good, but not necessarily the best to grow your business. Instead of professionals, look for those who have the same goals and vision as yours, build with them.
  6.  Don’t do it for the money; Money is good, but it should never be the goal. Don’t focus on the money, rather focus on the value and long term goals.
  7. Be proud of your products;  Don’t do what you are not proud of. Ask yourself, if this goes out, will it make me proud? if not, don’t do it.
  8. Build around your customers; Start with the customer experience and work backward to the technology. You can’t put your customers last.
  9. Marketing is about value; What do you want to be known for? What makes you different? That is how you market yourself, it should remain constant.
  10. Stay Hungry, stay foolish; Regardless of how far you get in life, keep striving, don’t get too comfortable.

Those are few tips from Steve Jobs, I hope you found them useful and can implement them in your life too.

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