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[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Owusu-Ankomah is a Ghanaian contemporary  artists popularly known for his use of Adinkra symbol in his artworks. His work deals with identity and body, with the use of Adinkra symbols which has numerous motifs.  Owusu-Ankomah re-interpreted their sybolischen content in an art context, where many of the original content remains. [/dropcap]

Owusu-Ankomah attended Ghanatta College in Accra where he studied Fine Arts. His paintings on canvas describes an alternate world. These paintings which have evolved over time reflects on Owusu-Ankomah’s personal journey of spiritual discovery. In his early days, he focused more on ancient traditions of African rock-painting and masquerade, before his figures shed their masks and body paintings to become unashamedly visible. He currently lives and work in Bremen, Germany.

Place of Birth: Sekondi, Ghana

Date of Birth:  1956.

ancestral-space by Owusu-Ankomah-digest.bellafricana

Owusu-Ankomah fuses ancient traditions of secret knowledge with modern speculations about the mysterious nature of reality derived from modern theoretical physics, which predict the parallel coexistence of multi-dimensional universes within a single ‘multiverse.’ To illustrate quite how mysterious such hidden knowledge can become, Owusu-Ankomah points to the existence of information amongst the Dogon people of Mali whose traditional veneration of the dog-star Sirius (the brightest star in the sky at night) includes awareness of a small dense companion – a dwarf binary star in modern astronomical terms. The existence of Sirus B, a hot and highly dense companion star, was only confirmed by modern astronomers using a large 18” telescope in 1862. Today, the question remains  as to how an African group without the aid of advanced technologies could have known of their sacred star’s dwarf companion since it always has been, and still remains, completely invisible to the naked, human eye.

movement by Owusu-Ankomah-digest.bellafricana

These and other ‘mysteries’ are embedded in the symbolic web of messages – both secret and exoteric – which beguile the inhabitants of these marvelously painted worlds. These icons and glyphs contain, for those who strive to decipher their hidden meanings further, Owusu-Ankomah’s musings on the wonders of this mysterious world replete with secret signs.

microcron by Owusu-Ankomah-digest.bellafricana

His current work is concerned with the scientific, technological, metaphysical and spiritual issues, with the evolutionary development of the human being, the non-definite place of the soul and its everlasting change. He firmly believes in a past civilization, older than the Egyptian, who was inducted into a sacred geometry, which he uses in his work. In his later works he used for. B. crop circle symbols to show that we are not alone in the universe that we have visited and still are. Lived between 2004 and 2008 and he cultivated the lifestyle of a hermit – reflecting, meditating and searchingly. So he discovered the ultimate symbol, the symbol of the symbols associated with the philosophy that he calls Microcron.

MicrocronKundum-by Owusu-Ankomah-digest.bellafricana

Microcron-Kusum-by Owusu-Ankomah-digest.bellafricana

Owusu-Ankomah-by Owusu-Ankomah-digest.bellafricana



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