Rwanda Named 3rd Greenest Destination In The World


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]RWANDA has been ranked among top 20 world greenest places for 2015, according to World Travel Guide, an international travel guide for adventurous travellers.

The global tourist guide released a list of 20 destinations in the world that are on the path to environmental enlightenment from self-sufficient villages to pioneering national parks.[/dropcap]

According to the web portal, Rwanda has been ranked 3rd globally.

Article first published in  Mail & Guardian Africa

Costa Rica scooped top position on the list, followed by Ecuador, Rwanda, Uruguay, Brazil, Italy, Switzerland, Finland, Pitcairn Islands, the Isle of Eigg of Scotland, Bhutan, Sweden, Australia, Copenhagen, Chumbe Island in Tanzania, Britain, Iceland, Canada Azores Islands in Portugal and Portland, Oregon in that order.

Speaking to reporters on Tuesday, Yamina Karitanyi, head of Tourism and Conservation at Rwanda Development Board, said that the ranking provides confidence to travellers coming to Rwanda especially tourists. In Rwanda we have much more to offer to tourists beyond the national parks, we have beautiful green scenery and we are proud of that. We are committed to showcase Rwanda’s beauty to the world, ” she said.

According to the Travel Guide, Rwanda has excellent eco-credentials and the country has banned plastic bags – which makes it one of the cleanest nations on the planet. “But that’s just the tip of the eco iceberg. Thanks to its conservation efforts, Rwanda’s endangered mountain gorillas are thriving, and there are also plans to reintroduce lions and rhinos to Akagera National Park later this year,” says the continental guide.

“If you’re visiting Rwanda on the last Saturday of the month, then you better pack a litter picker. Why? Because your trip will coincide with Umuganda (Community work), a day of national housekeeping when every citizen (including the President) goes out to clean the country”.


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