Refiners Schools Hosts Green Fingers Day and Science Fair


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] The Green Fingers Club of REFINERS SCHOOLS wishes to invite you to its ANNUAL GREEN FINGERS DAY & SCIENCE FAIR. This will be held within the school premises on Thursday, 17th November 2016 by 8:30 a.m. prompt.
The Refiners Schools is located at No. 9, Emmanuel Iroabuchi Street, Sangotedo Lagos. Behind Golden Park Estate, Sangotedo, Lekki- Epe Expressway, Lagos Nigeria.
The Green Fingers club was set up by Nature Enthusiasts and inaugurated by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation (NCF) on the 4TH of November 2012. It was set up to give children the opportunity to come face to face with Nature and the issues surrounding our protecting and preserving the environment. Children acquire knowledge, which are of tremendous benefit to their academics, social and moral areas of life… [/dropcap]

Green Fingers was registered as a school club by the Nigerian Conservation Foundation’s Educational Unit on the 4TH of November 2012. This has given an opportunity to pupils and students to participate in a variety of environment friendly programmes.
Few of the programs which the pupils have actively participated in include; World Environment Day, Migratory Bird Day, World Habitat Day, Walk for Nature amongst others. These programmes have proved to be most entertaining, educative, competitive and challenging for the pupils and students.
The Green Fingers Club of Refiners Schools hosts an annual event of its own once a year termed “Green Fingers Day”. This day brings to light a host of events involving neighbouring schools for a friendly competition in Quiz, Art and Debate – these competitions are based on the theme of the events.
Some of the themes include: “Going Green”, “Into the Tropics” etc. Such programmes kindle competitive spirits among pupils and students and impacts positively in their lives.
The Green Fingers Club also manages a botanical garden with a wide range of plants and animals. Pupils have been able to closely observe and understand the characteristics and behaviour of these living things. The Club hosts termly programmes, which confers a wide range of learning and practical skills.
Some of our termly programmes include:
All About Bugs: here pupils were made to identify and capture various bugs for study purposes only. Pupils and students learnt about their feeding behaviour, habitat and observational features. A bug catching contest also was featured as pupils and students competed for catching the biggest bug.
Other termly programmes include: Reptiles, Birds of Prey to mention but a few.
The Bird of Prey study allowed pupils and students to witness the behaviour and feeding habits of some birds of prey. Birds of prey such as Black Kite, Marsh Harrier, Common Kestrel and Pied Crow were present in the Green Fingers Gardens and allowed students to observe feeding behaviour and behavioural characteristics of these birds.
Activities such as scavenger hunts, landscape paintings and many others add excitement to learning.
The Green-Fingers Garden Project started in September 2012 and gradually over the past few years it has been growing and still is. We began collecting different species of plants and animals and creating a suitable environment simulating each organism’s natural environment to allow for reproduction.
Birds such as Finches (Yellow-singing finch, Dusky indigo bird, Twin-tailed wydah, Fire-Finch etc.), Poultry (Geese, Guinea fowl, Chickens, Turkeys, Mallards etc.), Parrots (Senegal etc.) and other are being kept within the gardens. Reptiles such as Chameleons, Monitor Lizards etc. have also been kept within the Gardens.
Rodents such as mice, rabbits, guinea pig are also kept for educational purposes.
Plants in the Green-Fingers Gardens include: False Bird of Paradise, Ixora species, Citrus, Soursop, Guava and many more exotic plants.
The Green-Fingers Gardens would acquire more species to foster learning and more programs are in line for upcoming programs and terms.
The Green-Fingers Day involves a variety of fun activities that inspire and challenge students in the areas of Natural Sciences based on the theme of the year. Students participate in Quiz, Debate & Art & Craft Competitions.
These competitions test their knowledge, creates and instils an awareness of nature and their environment. The theme for this year is “Conservation: and its effects on Tourism in Nigeria”.
Visitors will be given a tour of the Green-Fingers Garden by the student club members, participate in numerous fun-filled activities and enjoy the sereneness of our eco-friendly environment
The event would be held on Refiners Schools grounds at 9 Emmanuel Iroabuchi Street, Sangotedo Lagos. Behind Golden Park Estate, Sangotedo – Ajah. For further inquiries please contact the school authorities;
Call: +2348033030397 or +2348175295631
Email: [email protected]
Refiners Schools Hosts Green Fingers Day and Science Fair

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