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L’aviye is a global online retailer of African-inspired jewellery and accessories. Born in 2012, L’aviye combines a love for African fashion and African print fabric with current Western trends, to provide unique African inspired jewellery and accessories.

They source their fabrics from across Africa and Europe, transforming a wide variety of African inspired fabrics into one of a kind jewellery and accessory pieces.

Each handcrafted with perfection in mind, L’aviye reflects an unrivalled combination of trend and style and their designs are specially selected to add a vibrant and bold touch to any ensemble. Previously known as Accessories by Abiye, their brand is excitingly exotic and innovative.
Driving African fashion trends forward, L’aviye’s attitude to creating exquisite and affordable jewellery and accessories is second to none, and their individuality has earned them worldwide respect and features in ELLE magazine and COMPANY magazine UK.
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Since 2012, their collections have been available beyond their website, onto the UK high street.They currently deliver to countries in the EU, USA, Canada and Australia from the UK.

L’aviye 2013 / 2014 Collection
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