Igbocurls App is Here!


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Igbocurls App Now available on Android Devices!
The Igbocurls App is officially available for download on Andriod devices. It was launched on the 17th of August 2016. Download from Google Playstore via this link…[/dropcap]

My app will be coming to the Apple Store in a couple of weeks and I will make sure to announce that here so subscribe so you don’t miss out.
Igbocurls App on Android
Before I express my joy and excitement over the Igbocurls App launch, let me share my testimony, not story, testimony on how all this happened in the first place. It is a story about completely trusting God. Giving up ‘control’ and what happens when you allow God to lead in our life.
I don’t usually go personal on this blog but I think this will help someone out there that’s why I am sharing my story.
Earlier this year, I remember writing my goals down and wholeheartedly committing to live according to Gods Purpose for my life. I didn’t understand much at the time but I had made up my mind to focus on my goals, pray consistently and carry them out with obedience.
Fast forward to three months ago, I was looking for a new video editing software to improve my YouTube videos and a friend of mine (hi, Dili!), invites me to her office to meet a software engineer that is specialised in that field. While I was there discussing how I set up my blog myself and etc. A programmer within the office takes note and tells me, “Google has this thing they are working on and I think your blog can benefit from it”. (Hi, Elfty!) I didn’t clearly understand what he was talking about but he had my attention when he said Google. Lol. So, just like that, I give him my blog name and contact details, and a month later I get an email about everything.
I was stunned. Like that guy was serious about what he said to me that day? Just like that? Everything completely free? But then I quickly realised that’s how God works. Our ways are not HIS ways and the plans HE has for us are greater and beyond what we think we are capable of. Just like that, the concept of Igbocurls App was born and here we are today.Igbocurls App on Android
Igbocurls App on Android
Igbocurls App on Android
Igbocurls App on Android
Igbocurls App on Android
I designed this application to simplify natural hair-care and it is more than just a mobile version of my blog. It features daily tips, updates, tutorials, regimens and more on everything natural hair. I also plan on constantly improving the app to make it a go to resource for natural hair information.
To those of you who have already downloaded the Igbocurls app through my announcement on Social Media, I would like to say a BIG THANK YOU. I really appreciate you all so please tell a friend to tell a friend to tell more friends to download it.
Stay blessed,
Chinwe Juliet N

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