Creative Leather Brands in Nigeria At The Lagos Leather Fair Event


The Lagos Leather Fair 2019 has come and gone but not without showing us some incredible leather works by brands in Nigeria. The event with theme ‘Advancing The Conversation’ took place on the 7th and 8th of September at the Harbour Point, V.I. Lagos.

Though the event was for two days only, the organizers did not fall short of their promise, which is to promote the Nigerian leather industry. The event brought together leather brands from different parts of Nigeria, as well as provided an enabling environment for lovers of creative indigenous brands to shop and learn a few things from experts in the industry.

In other words, the event was amazing, well put together by the organizers and we look forward to the next edition. Oh! Just in case you weren’t there, you missed. Check out some pictures with Bellafricana Verified members.

lagos leather fair


Wondering where I am? LOL

I am somewhere in there in green print. Let me know when you spot me!

That said, I would like to shed light on some of the amazing leather works I came while across at the fair. Why is this of any importance? Well, before now, the Nigerian leather industry did not receive the accolades it deserved, simply because most consumers did not trust the quality of these brands.

Now, I am here to say, the leather train in Nigeria has moved and creatives in this industry are doing some amazing things. You still don’t believe? Let me show you some.

Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi; 

This is a global brand in Nigeria inspired by culture, creating fashion accessories from aso-oke hand woven fabrics and leather. They were present at the Lagos Leather Fair exhibit some really cool works of theirs ranging from bags to foot wears and even chairs. Isn’t that amazing? It is, if you ask me. Here are some of their works

lagos leather fair

lagos leather fair

Marte Egele;

Another made in Nigeria leather brand I am proud of. Marte Egele is a burgeoning Nigerian leather goods and accessory brand. This brand founded by Uche Egele in 2011 is here to stay with trending mini bags in different colors. Here are pictures of what they had in stalks at the Lagos leather fair;

lagos leather fair

lagos leather fair

K.Aspen Footwear; 

This is an African inspired foot wear brand made in Nigeria. This brand was founded by Kemi Juba is out here creating contemporary foot wears for men and women in and outside Nigeria. Their unique designs stood them out at the Lagos Leather Fair. Here are pictures of their works;

lagos leather fair

lagos leather fair

Moroks Xpression;

Another brand that goes out of its way to promote the Nigeria leather industry. This is a foot wear brand that creates one of Nigeria’s finest and premium bespoke footwear brand. It is not everyday you get to see a bespoke footwear brand in Nigeria, well I saw and I was impressed. Take a lot at their items;

lagos leather fair

lagos leather fair

Sincerely, I could go on and on about indigenous brands present at the fair and I would still not have said enough about how amazing their works are. Some how, I  feel with these few words of mine and of course pictures, you are convinced that the leather industry in Nigeria is thriving.

So. just in case you are searching for some leather products ranging from bags, shoes, art works and more, do check out these brands and a few others in Nigeria.

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