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[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] The annual Nigerian International Book Fair was held recently at the Multi-purpose hall, University of Lagos where authors, publishers and book lovers had the opportunity to meet and discuss about books as well as transact business. [/dropcap], Africa’s No 1 Hotel Booking Portal, brings you some of the best Nigerian authors that have written widely acclaimed books as well as won awards both local and international awards.

Arguably one of Nigeria’s popular and creative writers in the history of this country. He is known for concocting proverbs as well as indigenous Igbo settings in his books. Perhaps, that is why Things Fall Apart is regarded as one of the finest African literature. It has been translated into over 30 languages. Things Fall Apart no doubt opened the door for the recognition of African literary works. Maybe soon, Chinua Achebe will be awarded the Nobel Prize for Literature posthumously.

Things fall apart


Vocal, articulate, cerebral, and upright, Prof. Wole Soyinka is Nigeria’s and Africa’s gift most prized possession and gift to the world. Like other writers of his time, he attended the University of Ibadan. Soyinka’s greatest achievement is probably, being named the first African and Nigerian to win the Nobel Prize for literature. He is known for his vocabularies and you may need a dictionary to read his books. But, take nothing away from the Professor whose self-styled white Afro makes him a distinct and unique personality. Soyinka is indeed a literary giant!

wole soyin


Purple Hibiscus, Half of a Yellow Son, The Thing Around Your Neck and Americanah are the books written by Adichie. These award-winning books have gotten rave reviews all over the world. can say without any doubt that she is one of the many writers inspired by Chinua Achebe. Adichie is a champion when it comes to modern literature and a consistent voice that encourages women to wear their natural hair. In addition, she had the courage to write about Nigeria’s torrid history i.e. the Biafra War in her book Half of a Yellow Son. The question that will be on the minds of many that read this book is “what happened to Kainene?”



Married at age 16, gave birth to five children in 6 years and was in a marital union that was sad and violent. However, this did not deter this strong-willed woman who took up writing to find solace. This experience and background extensively shaped Emecheta’s writings. From Second class citizen to Joys of Motherhood, these books chronicle the difficulties that women go through. Joys of Motherhood is all about the maltreatment of women by the menfolk and how these women do whatever it takes to survive.

joys of motherhood


Best known for his books Toad for Super and The Bottled Leopard, Ike combines the power of description and storytelling in all his books. Ike can be described as a master storyteller! Bottled Leopard is a classic tale that blends the strength of a Leopard and a boy whose heritage can be traced to this menacing animal. He is one of the few Nigerian authors that have a very good descriptive power. His writings often make readers feel like a part of the scene. Ike is currently a traditional ruler in his native home of Ikelionwu in Anambra state.

bottle leopard


Sefi Atta is a former accountant who delve into the world of writing which has taken are to enviable places. Atta is a cosmopolitan woman who was born in Lagos, Nigeria, studied in London and USA. Her debut novel Everything Good Will Come offers hope to everyone and this book won the inaugural prize for the Wole Soyinka  Literature in Africa award.



His book Love poems won the Caine prize in 2001. Helon Habila is a Nigerian writer, journalist and lecturer. He also wrote the book Waiting for an Angel. It won the commonwealth Writers’ prize for the African category. Habila is worthy of mention because he has contributed his own quota to Nigerian and African literary scene.

waiting foe an angel


Cyprian Ekwensi unlike other writers prefers to write short and children stories. When Love Whispers, the Leopard’s Claw, Lokotown and other stories are some of the books he wrote for the delight of young ones. He was born in Minna, Niger State on Sept. 26, 1921 and died Nov. 4, 2007.

drummer boy


Lola Shoneyin is one of the new entrants into Nigeria’s literary world. The author of The Secret Lives of Baba Segi’s Wives was born in Ibadan in 1974. She also has a flair for short stories and children’s books.

lola show


If you want the best of indigenous Yoruba language literature, then D.O. Fagunwa recommended. His use of Yoruba Language to convey the supernatural and tradition is both fascinating and fantastic. Ogboju ode ninu Igbo irumole (The Forest of a thousand demons), Ireke Onibudo, Irinkerindo ninu Igbo Elegbeje (Expedition to the Mount of Thought, 1954), and Adiitu Olodumare (1961) are some of his works.


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