Meet Adeoye Adetunji, The Toothpick Artist


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] I stumbled on a Talented Nigerian toothpick artist by the name Adeoye Adetunji via Instagram @2thpickart and I was moved to share his creative work. Hello beautiful reader. I hope your day is going well. [/dropcap]

Adeoye Adetunji Adebayo is a graduate of mathematics science of the University of Ilorin. He is an actor, artiste, artist and production designer. It is said that his work has been featured on CCTV Africa, Channels TV, Moments with MO, Life TV, Am express, TVC, Architecture Magazines and many more. Check some of his work below;
The Toothpick Artist-Tooth pick art by Adetunji Nigerian artist bellafricana digest
The Toothpick Artist- Tooth pick art by Adetunji Nigerian artist bellafricana digest
adeoye-adetunji-2thpickart-Nigerian artist-bellafricana digest
adeoye-adetunji-2thpickart- nigerian artist - bellafricana digest- toothpick artist
Obama art with toorhpick by -adeoye-adetunji-2thpickart9-nigerian artist-bellafricana digest
adeoye-adetunji-2thpickart-bellafricana digest - nigerian artist - artwork
When some of you are using toothpicks for teeth, Adetunji is creating an art. Really inspiring art and lovely creation.
Keep up the great works.

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