Are you a lover of exotic perfume diffusers and room sprays? Have you ever walked into a place where the atmosphere reminded you of something you once had? Well, fragrances do a lot to bring back memories. Just as the saying, “Scents is its own story, you only choose how it’s been told”.

Also having a wide range of fragrances to choose from could be tricky, but not to worry, I bring to you good tidings as I carefully and thoroughly take you through my top 6 well-researched perfume diffusers and perfume oil by Abela World you need to spark and ignite the exotic and elegant fragrance around your vicinity.

These fragrances spur great memories as well as reminds us of our African roots. Black history has found a way of coming back to us through the power of earthy, scintillating, and delightful jars of scents.

Without any more suspense, here are the top 6 African-inspired perfume diffuser/oil brands I have discovered for you to add to your next shopping list. 

  1.   IGI OPE

An uplifting scent of the Igi Òpe is a rich blend of cool green floral heart notes laced with citrus top notes and woody undertones.“Igi Ope” (meaning the Palm Tree of Conviviality) burst forth the laughter of noble men playing the game of “ayò” (pronounced ay-oh). A symbol of sustainability, Igi Òpe imparts her fruitful & charming essence upon the lands from which she hails.

This fragrance is curated not just to give your space a scent ambiance but to create a long-lasting impression around your space, as well as give you an aroma uplift. No one who walks into your space will want to leave in a hurry, Abela scents by Africa, the curator of our delightful perfumed fragrance Igi Ope, had your guest in mind when producing it as it was produced with the intent to warm the heart, find joy and lift the spirit.


            2.  ILARI

Not just did Abela by scents of Africa create a cool and impeccable memory around this product, but it also infused a tender and soothing ingredient to help relax the mind and calm anxiety. Ìlàrí (meaning 3-pronged African Wood Comb) is a semblance of the woody core of the material. It’s inspired by the story of African women adorning, ready for a traditional and cultural displays. This fragrance is combined with a spicy & invigorating air, Ìlàrí is reminiscent of the homely ladies who effortlessly wielded this ethnic tool of adornment.


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     3.    ILE AMO

Reminiscent of the cooling essence of earth’s dew, Ilé Amò (meaning the African Mud Hut) combines the grounding scent of violet leaf laced with overtones of sweet flowers & woody musky undertones. Abela by scents of Africa enriches their unique range of handmade home fragrances, inspired by the sights and sounds of Africa. Just as history never dies, ile amo scents share the deep sense of African identity. Embracing our uniqueness and creativity through these precious jars of the conceptual scent of arts.

This scent is here to help you journey through your senses, sharing stories and encouraging conversations from places you may not have expected. Ilé Amò (meaning the African Mud Hut) is an edifice comparable to nothing in modernity; bearing the sweat of brawn men. Built not only for housing but also as a symbol of abundance and wealth, Ilé Amò fills up your space with the bustling laughter of warm hearts and the soul of knit communities. Do you want to tell African stories using emotions, then Ilé Amò is a must-buy.

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     4. INA IFE

If unity and bond sharing were a thing, then it would definitely be the fierce scent of Iná Ìfé (meaning the Flame of Passion). Abela by scents of Africa can capture the heart with its passionate redolence from this alien and exotic blend, intimately embraced by notes of citrus, amber, musk & woods. Imposing its sensuality upon our innermost desires and Impressing its passion & innate gift with a flaring sense of urgency upon life in the most meaningful way. Iná Ìfé  incites each one to keep the flame burning, fighting against the odds, catching feelings, and sharing vibes.

Exotic Perfume Diffusers and Room sprays




Unlike the diffusers, room sprays are faster and more far-reaching. It can penetrate even the hidden corners of your rooms, offices, or environment as a whole. Abela by scents of Africa have found a more efficient way of distilling good and healthy air into the atmosphere. Imagine having to spray a few drops and having the whole atmosphere engulfed in these overpowering fragrances. Enjoy the rich, joyful, even homely, and hygienic aroma of Ilari room spray. Perfect for use in public environments like hotels, fast food, offices, religious centers, conference rooms, etc. Ilari room sprays calm and relaxes any tensed-up mood. it’s a good aromatherapy for anxiety and worries.



Nothing brings to life a forgotten memory as a fragrance. Omi iye fragrance is that which speaks to your heart and hopefully someone else’s. The magical scent of Omi Iyè (meaning the River of Life) is a semblance of fresh violet & ozone notes rounded off with soothing herbal notes. Africa is truly blessed with its richness and Abela by scents of Africa has fully embellished these blessed resources by creating good scents from the Niger to the highlands of East Africa. Imparting the newness of life, the very heart of creation, Beckoning calmness, bursting vibrantly & dancing to the symphony of her rustic beat is the Omi Iyè. This fragrance inspires pureness, richness, and sweet memories. 

According to Maurice Roucel,” Your fragrance is your message, your scented slogan”. Always be a fragrance, not an odour. Just as good fragrance speaks for itself, Abela by scent of Africa, an Afrocentric brand made in Nigeria tells African stories using scents. Talk about the perfect exotic perfume diffusers and room sprays, a rich way of preserving African cultural heritage. Allow fragrances to communicate to you by remaining open-minded.