The world is slowing to a stop. There’s so much panic in the air. Business owners are scared, worried, frustrated. They are beginning to feel the effect of this global pandemic on their businesses. Organizations are shutting down or have had to resort to working remotely.

Some countries have even implemented periodic long lockdowns. Now more than ever, creative business owners will have to fight for online visibility. They will have to get more personal with their audiences should they want to make sales. They have to get more creative with marketing lest the competition swallow them up. Businesses will have to sell more tactically or risk being labelled insensitive.

Sometimes last week, the Bellafricana team had one of the usual strategy sessions to brainstorm ways which we can help our creative members thrive this period. As you know, Bellafricana is very passionate about helping, supporting, and empowering creative business owners in whatever way we can. So we kept thinking: “How can we eliminate these problems business owners will face?, or atleast reduce it and keep their minds positive”

Then the Light bulb moment struck and the Idea was born. Now, don’t get too impatient. Everything will start to make sense now.

We came up with a challenge to all creative business owners out there. Will they give in to the fear this season brings? Or will they fight the negativity?

Known as the Bellafricana Creative’s Challenge, it is a 30-day challenge containing daily tasks that participants (business owners especially) are expected to take part in.

Bellafricana creatives challenge

Where is this challenge taking place?

It is held primarily on Instagram. However, business owners are allowed to do the challenge on other platforms as well.

What will this Bellafricana Creatives Challenge do for you?

It will help you:

  1. connect with your customers on a personal level.
  2. have massive sales on standby the moment the restrictions are lifted.
  3. get to rediscover more about your business and gather more creative connections.
  4. Stay relevant and at the top of your customers’ minds, seeing that majority will be online this period.
  5.  Have lots of fun while maintaining a positive mindset.

Check out some samples of the daily challenges below:

Day 1: Bellafricana creatives challenge

Day 1: Bellafricana creatives challenge

Isn’t it so amazing the great works Bellafricana is doing for the creative community? If I can say so myself.

If we can each be a positive voice in our community then we stand a better chance of spreading more encouragement.

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If you are a creative entrepreneur, you can also take part in the Bellafricana Creatives Challenge? Click on this link to get your your own calendar: 

What do you think about this challenge, would be lovely to hear from you? Let me know in the comments.