Ever Battled with Impostor syndrome?

Well, it’s something that every entrepreneur faces at some point in their business. And no, not just entrepreneurs are affected, but generally anyone who is a high achiever, or someone who is invested in growing. People who want to move a level up from where they are. Sound familiar?

They feel that they don’t measure up to their acclaimed achievement.

Which of these sound familiar to you?

“I’m not worthy of these achievements”,
“Heck, I don’t think I’ve done enough in my business”,
“I’m a failure”,
“I’m not good enough”
“Very soon, I’ll be found out as the fraud that I am” and lots more

See, “Impostor syndrome” can be a problem if not addressed, and can do harm to your business.

So, what can you do?

Understand that it is a sign of Growth

Yes, Impostor syndrome happens to people who aren’t complacent in their business. It shows that you’re someone who will keep doing more and more So, embrace this as a sign of growth.


Write down your accomplishments


Have a journal where you write down all that you’ve been able to achieve in business, no matter how minute. This will help give the reassurance that you’re worth your salt, and that you’re in charge. It’s a way to say to Impostor Syndrome “You say, you’ve I’m not good enough, but look at all that I’ve been able to do”.


Talk to someone about it

Instead of bottling things up, and letting the thought fester, it’s recommended to talk about it.

You’ll be surprised how much you’re not alone in this, and how many people can relate to this internal struggle we all face.


Draw strength from your source of Positivity

What are those things that make you happy? That remind you how awesome you are? Affirmation quotes? Words of encouragement from loved ones, uplifting music? You can have a folder for these, and have them handy whenever that “feeling” creeps in.

Like earlier stated, this feeling of being “inferior” or “not measuring up” is something we all face from time-to-time. What’s important is to ensure that these feelings don’t stifle your growth. So when next the “Impostor Syndrome” creeps in, I want you to slay that dragon with these tips listed above. You’re amazing. Don’t you ever forget that.