10 African-Hair Braiding Styles

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Hair braiding has long been a tradition in the Black community as well as a bonding experience between mothers, sisters and cousins. Braiding takes time and it often hurts, but the end result is worth it. African braiding styles are very unique and creative. They can be styled in various ways, you can experiment with different colours without the commitment of dying your own hair.

Braids can be styled with headbands, barrettes, turbans and so on. Below you will find 10 different types of braids worn by African-American women and Africans all over the world.

Braids will help protect your hair from the environment and help you forget about hair styling for months while looking fabulous. Fashion Designers such as Rachel Zoe, Rebecca Minkoff, Kenneth Cole have incorporated African braiding styles to their fashion campaigns. Braids are in and are here to stay. Here are 10 African hair braiding styles that will turn heads. These types of braids are popular and will turn heads every time you rock them.

Types of Braids

1. Havana Twists

Havana Twists are very unique and stylish African hair braiding styles; guaranteed to turn heads.

2. Micro / Mini Braids

Micro / mini braids are tiny, single braids usually braided half-way and leaving the rest of the hair. It can be done with either natural or synthetic hair.

3. Box / Janet Braids

Box braids are amongst the trendiest summer hairstyles. It is boho chic and very stylish.

4. French Braids

French braids are some of the most popular braid types. This braiding style involves weaving small pieces of hair on top of the main braid, which lays close to the scalp. The final result very sophisticated

10 African-Hair Braiding Styles - french-braids 10 African-Hair Braiding Styles - French Braids

5. Cornrows

Cornrows are very popular. They are small, tight braids that line up against the scalp. Cornrow braids can be very creative. Releasing cornrows after a day or two results in exceptionally curly hair.

6. Herringbone / Fish Braids

Herringbone braids are thin, layered braids that use lots of small intertwined pieces of hair. These braids are named “herringbone braids” because the braid resembles the skeleton of a fish.

7. Dutch Braids

Dutch braids are similar to French braids but this style tends to be looser and more relaxed-looking than a French braid.

8. Fishtail Braids

Fishtail braids are similar to Herringbone braids but a lot looser.

10 African-Hair Braiding Styles - Fishtail Braids 10 African-Hair Braiding Styles - Fishtail Braids

9. Lace Braids

Lace braids are simple braids that crown the head of the wearer in a half-moon shape, like a tiara.

10 African-Hair Braiding Styles - Lace Braids - coloured 10 African-Hair Braiding Styles - Lace Braids

10. Yarn Braids

Yarn braids are exactly what the name implies—braids, made out of yarn.

I have tried many of these African hair braiding styles for different occasions and I love them. Adding braids to any hair style add interest and create a boho chic look which I love for the summertime. For a more edgy look, go bigger and messier. I also wear braids as a Protective hairstyle. They last for months and helps with length retention. Try these styles and you will not be disappointed. What are your types of braids? My favourite types of braids are Micro Braids styles.

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Meet The Founder of Midas Naturals | Exclusive Interview

You might have been wondering who the brain behind Midas Naturals is. Well, say no more, the Bellafricana fairy has waved her magic wand and now presents to you the PhD research scientist with a golden touch on natural products for hair and skin care.
Somi Igbene is a tenacious entrepreneur, who puts great effort and time into producing quality natural products for both her and many other women.
She is not just all brains! The Founder of Midas Naturals is also very fun to be around. Let’s meet her

Q & A

Please introduce yourself and your background.

Hello, my name is Somi Igbene. I am a research scientist (PhD) and a medical writer with a passion for all things natural.
Midas Naturals Somi Igbene

Please tell us about your work. How did Midas Naturals start?

Midas Naturals was born when I decided to stop chemically processing my own natural hair back in 2011. The natural hair community as we know it now was not as big back then, and I knew that once the ‘natural hair movement’ got to Nigeria, a lot of women would want quality hair products. I decided to draw from my science background and start making natural products for hair and skin care.

Where did the idea for Midas Naturals come from? Where do you find the inspiration for your natural skin products?

The idea for Midas Naturals came from my need to have constant access to products that were made with high quality, cruelty-free ingredients. I also knew that many other ladies (both natural and relaxed) would benefit from them. I get inspiration from women who talk to me about their hair and skin care issues. Their complaints help me formulate the products that address their specific needs.

Can you remember the first natural product you produced? What makes it memorable?

Most ladies with natural hair will attest to the fact that a deep conditioner is one of the most important staples in any hair care routine. So naturally, it was the first thing I HAD to make. It is so memorable because it took me a very long time to get a product that I knew would work for myself and many other women.

What are the challenges you face in business?

As we are a relatively new business our major challenge right now is exposure/publicity. We know we have products that work amazingly well, but not a lot of people know about the brand.

What is your most popular item/product (include image)?

The detangling/conditioning wash is probably the most popular item at the moment. It is great because it is a 3-in-1 product. It can be used to detangle the hair, it gently cleanses the scalp (so it can be used in place of a regular shampoo) while conditioning the hair, and it can be used as a deep conditioner.
Midas Naturals, products made in Nigeria, bellafricana

SMEs in the beauty industry is fast growing, what would you say triggered this growth and how is Midas Natural different from the rest?

I believe the growth has been triggered by the natural hair movement, as well as the desire to stop using chemicals on the skin and hair. Midas Naturals is different from other companies out there because our products are made for the typical African woman. We have sourced the highest quality ingredients for all our products and our products have been thoroughly tested for safety and quality assurance, and meet UK/EU standards. We can confidently attest to the fact that our products are free of nasty chemicals, and have not been tested on animals. Our products are also vegan.

What are your goals for the future, both work wise and life?

This is probably not going to be the typical answer, but I honestly just want a happy, balanced life. Work wise, I would love for Midas Naturals to become the preferred and trusted beauty brand in Nigeria and Africa.

What would people be surprised to learn about you?

I am a very fun, down-to-earth person even though I often come across as an ice queen. LOL!

For someone who wishes to take up this kind of career, what kind of advice would you give them? Also, if you could give one piece of advice to youths who want to start their own company, what would it be?

Midas Naturals is still a relatively new business so I can’t give any particularly amazing advice right now apart from the fact that you need to be sure it is what you want to do and be ready to put in as much work as possible. There will be a lot of ups and downs, disappointments and successes, but no matter what, never give up. For youths, who want to start their own business, do your research and make sure you are passionate about what you want to do. Without passion, you will quickly get bored and quit.

And finally, I would like to give you this opportunity to share two to four images of your work and tell us a little about each.

Papaya Radiance range: This range was made particularly for women who want to have a brighter skin tone without the use of chemicals, including kojic acid and alpha arbuitin. The papaya radiance range is made with papaya seed oil, which contains the enzyme papain that naturally exfoliates the skin to reveal a brighter skin tone.
Kiwi Crème leave-in conditioner: This is particularly great for those with very dry hair. Our leave-in is made with camellia and kiwi oils, and aloe vera butter, all known to infuse deep moisture into dry hair.
Avocado & Banana sealing balm: This product seals your hair and infuses amazing shine without leaving it feeling limp and greasy.

Check out some of Midas Naturals’ products below;

Midas Naturals, products made in Nigeria, bellafricana
Midas Naturals, products made in Nigeria, bellafricana
Midas Naturals, products made in Nigeria, bellafricana
Thanks a lot Somi for your beautiful response. We are always proud to see young people growing a business.
We hope to join you in your journey as a successful business owner.
Here’s a link to Midas Naturals’ page as a verified lister on Bellafricana: https://bellafricana.com/listing/lagos-midas-naturals/
Midas Natural is Bellafricana Verified

Becoming A Pro Hair Care Mum With Muna&Luchi (Week2)

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”]Hey Momma! Good morning! Did you sleep well? Wow! I have to say that the feedback from WEEK 1 has been amazing and so encouraging, thank you! Welcome to Week 2 of our course, today we are going to look at some of the challenges I faced as a HAIR CARE MUM and how I overcame them. Let’s go!…[/dropcap]
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Midas Naturals Beauty Store Now Open

Beauty Store Alert!! Hello Beautiful people, there’s a new beauty store in town and you don’t want to miss it. Midas Naturals’ Beauty Store is now open at Shop S10B, The Shoppes On Market Road, Plot 7, Akiogun Road, New Oniru Market Lagos.

midas naturals beauty store opening

If you’ve been worried about where to find quality hair products. Worry no more, because Midas Naturals has got you covered. They cater to all hair types, be it natural, relaxed, feminine or masculine. Midas Naturals has something for everyone.

Have you been finding it difficult to wash your hair without getting it all tangled up? Why not give Midas Naturals’ flagship product called The Detangling-Co Wash a try. And what’s more you can find it in their new store.

The Midas Naturals Beauty Store Opening

All the guests had an amazing time. It was fun supporting a made in Nigeria store to open it’s very own beauty store. Look at some of the pictures I took here.

midas naturals' beauty store opening

midas naturals' beauty store opening

Midas Natural Store Opening, Natural beauty store, Lekki Lagos, Nigeria, Bellafricana

midas naturals' beauty store opening

midas naturals' beauty store opening

midas naturals' beauty store opening

midas naturals' beauty store opening

midas naturals' beauty store opening

midas naturals' beauty store opening

Midas Natural Beauty Store Opening, Lekki Lagos, Nigeria, Bellafricana

Midas Natural Beauty Store Opening, Lekki Lagos, Nigeria, Bellafricana

Midas Natural Beauty Store Opening, Lekki Lagos, Nigeria, Bellafricana

Midas Natural Beauty Store Opening, Lekki Lagos, Nigeria, Bellafricana

For a full view of all the products available in the Midas Naturals’ new store in Lagos, Nigeria just checkout their website at www.midasnaturals.com.

Are you curious about the brain behind Midas Naturals? Check out our exclusive interview with the founder Click Here.


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