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African Platter Map: Melkert (Milk Tart From South Africa)

At first glance, I thought I had seen a huge shepherd’s pie or vanilla cake out of pan. I was wrong… Melkert in South Africa is commonly served as dessert, and although being a pie its recipe is similar with the popular pancakes or crepes.

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African Platter Map: Maakouda Batata (Moroccan Street Food)

Maakouda Batata are Moroccan potato fritters. They are very popular on the streets of Morocco where they might be eaten plain or as sandwich fillers. Very similar to cutlets, they can be served as an appetizer or side.

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Can't Afford A Vacation, How About An Afrocentric Daycation

Daycation yeah? I’ve heard about great places like; Greece, Bahamas, Miami, Dubai, Ethiopia, Kenya, Cuba, Auckland and such where a whole ton of people troop in to have fun for their summer holidays or a vacation in general. With lots of stress and hustling going on during the week, trying to meet deadlines and still stay sane, My dream summer spot has always been “Maldives”, gosh! Have you seen the clear blue sea, or the Tropicana lifestyle and serenity that oozes out from there? (more…)

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