Meet The Founder of MyImani | Exclusive Interview

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] I am really excited to introduce you to this gorgeous and amazing vibrant lady Rukayat Ositade, the founder of MyImani. MyImani is an ethno-tribal interior design brand that provides you with unique services in sourcing for rare ethnic artifacts suitable for interior decorations.
During our chat, Rukayat said Imani is a Swahili version of Iman, which means faith. In this interview with her, she shared a lot of interesting and some surprising details about herself.
I’m sure you’re curious to find out too. Come on, let’s meet her… [/dropcap]
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Special Invitation to The 3rd Market Place Pop Up Just For You

[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] The founder of The Market Place cordially welcomes you to the 3rd edition of The Pop Up Market. They organize pop up market that brings together brand owners with exotic collections from the Local & Expat Community for a contemporary shopping experience.
The Pop-Up Market, what started out as a small initiative has grown to a business with over 80 Astonishing vendors on our books. Markets are the “in thing” and the organizers of the event have found that there was a demand for markets so they strive to maintain a high standard of quality.
The Market Place organizers are a passionate company, with a mandate to promote upcoming exceptional Entrepreneurs by creating a platform for exposure to Africans and within the African Market and worldwide.  As part of their CSR efforts, they are giving back 5% of the proceeds from this event to a Charity cause “Fight for our Soldiers” by Kiki Osinbajo; dedicated to providing for families of slain soldiers due to the Boko-Haram Insurgence. [/dropcap]
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Portraits Of Hair By So Yoon Lym

Portraits Of Hair By So Yoon Lym - deneen3-243x300

So Yoon Lym is an artist, who was born in South Korea, but lived much of her youth in Uganda and Kenya.

Small wonder then that this part of her life has influenced her positively as an artist. She has claimed to be interested in hair styles and designs because it indicates ethnic, cultural and even political inclinations (Muse Origins, 2014).
Some of her artwork on hair design is shown below:

Portraits Of Hair By So Yoon Lym - miguel1-235x300

Portraits Of Hair By So Yoon Lym - ronay-jah1-235x300Portraits Of Hair By So Yoon Lym - chaquasha1-235x300

So Yoon Lym, Dreamtime, Hair, Black Hair



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