Have you ever heard this popular saying by Shirley Chisholm that says “If they don’t give you a seat at the table, bring a folding chair”?

Well I say, scratch the folding chair, bring an Ile ila chair, a proudly made in Nigeria chair that gives inspiration.

A wise man once said, ideas rule the world (Sam Adeyemi), and I couldn’t agree more.

Without ideas, you cannot create solutions to problems, you cannot even call yourself a creative, talk less an entrepreneur or intrapreneur.

Well, if ideas truly rule the world, where do you get inspiration from?

Most times I personally like to take a break from my space, go for exhibition, stay cations, vacations….you might even agree that an idea can fall on you anywhere!

Even when in the shower, yes? but you have never heard of you getting ideas from a chair.. right?

So I am here to introduce to you a proudly made in Nigeria chair by ILE ILA.

Wooosh, trust me, you will soon want to own yours!

First click let’s start by meeting the amazingly talented bellafricana verified founder, Tosin Oshinowo…

Here are some of the Ile Ila chairs;

ilé-Ilà_House-of-Lines-adekunle-gold_bellafricana verified

Ile ila sofa bellafricana verified

Ile Ila chair and stool bellafricana verifiedIle ila chair and stool bellafricana verified made in Nigeria chair furniture brand Ile Ila inspirational chair bellafricana verified asooke chair Ile Ila inspirational chair bellafricana verified asooke chair

To contact Tosin of Ile Ila (mention you found her via Bellafricana),

Email: [email protected],

Call: 08023190946

Visit: www.ile-ila.com