Partners in Excellence: Learn More About Our Collaborators TALES 2024 by Bellafricana


At Bellafricana, we believe that collaboration is absolutely critical to driving growth and innovation. That is why it is with great pleasure that I introduce to you, our strategic partners and sponsors who share our vision and values of excellence and a greater Africa. These powerhouses bring unparalleled expertise and support, enabling us to deliver exceptional experiences and value to our community, we are truly honoured to have these incredible organisations as part of our community. 

Bellafricana has intricately selected both strategic and social impact organisations to partner with to continue to spread the word about TALES happening in London (Gallery Different, 14 Percy Street) July 4th – July 10th, 2024. 

1. Digital Marketing Sponsor : Digital Marketing Skill Institute

Digital Marketing Skill Institute is an EdTech company, founded by Mr Tobi Asehinde (aka Mr Bellafricana), that started from the his bedroom in the University of Portsmouth. It has grown to become a global business with over 115,384 people trained in over 37 countries and 4 continents. With registered offices in the United States, the United Kingdom and Nigeria.

Their dedication to digital marketing is compelling and their sponsorship is instrumental in helping us reach a wider audience.


2. Design Partner : 478 Studios

478 Studios is a branding and design agency helping founders tell authentic stories, design beautiful digital products and build global brands that serve their community. Led by conscious and diverse founders. They design, shape and build within and outside of the lines of digital, tech, brand and storytelling.

The brand believes branding, design and compelling copy has the power to change perceptions and elevate brands into a world where community, product and culture reside in harmony.

By design, they are intentional when it comes to collaborating with diverse portfolio of clients and partners, from tech-led startups to global brands seeking to deliver impact and opportunity.

Our new TALES identity came to life through this incredible partner. We appreciate the excellent work done and love how TALES by Bellafricana was captured in it’s true essence.


3. Strategic Partner : No.27 The Concept Store

27theconceptstore is a brand that exists to keep small brands in business.

Being the first space of it’s kind, they provide a London boutique for small businesses to regularly host memorable experiences with their clients. These in-person experiences retain customers and share the business’ brand story as it grows.

After launching the No.27 Membership Programme in April 2024, members have been granted access to independent store use, Brand-Building Masterclasses, one-to-one consultations, guidance and general support with No.27 Director, Amanda Simone.

Amanda also sits agency-side as the Media Planning and Marketing Strategy Manager for CHANEL UK and Ireland.



4. Creative Partner : Hermosa Boda

The Founder of Hermosa Boda, Ighiwiyisi Jacobs is the daughter of Erhabor Emokpae, one of the founding artists of the Nigerian Art World.

She founded The Hermosa Design Company in 2017 which has now birthed an arm of the Hermosa Design Company dedicated to the curation and display of visual arts, called Gallery at the Landmark (GAT LDMK).

She dreams of an Africa that commands it’s place on the world stage. Her waking thought is to create works of art that stand toe to toe with celebrated works of art around the world. She is of the unshakable belief that Africa’s greatest export is it’s people and strives daily to perfect both her art and her craft in order to display to as many as are willing to see, the brilliance, tenacity and excellence that is the African.


5. Snacks Partner : Sunmo Snacks

Sunmo has created exceptional innovation in health and wellness foods and drinks. They have demonstrated remarkable growth, sustainability, and social responsibility by sourcing ethically and using eco-friendly packaging.

Their commitment to customer health, evidenced by continuous R&D and transparent nutritional information, sets them apart. Led by Victoria Omobuwajo the founder, the businesses entrepreneurial spirit and market impact further highlight their success.

They have journeyed from a promising startup to an influential market player, their strategic partnerships and dedication to customer health, evidenced by continuous research and development sets them apart.


6. Strategic Partner : AfricaDay EveryDay

africadayeveryday is a contemporary Pan-African diaspora platform that promotes and celebrates African culture, heritage, and identity.

Their goal is to foster a deeper appreciation of Africa’s diverse cultures, traditions, languages, and heritage by providing decolonised spaces for individuals and communities to engage, learn, and share in the richness of African history and contemporary life.

The organisation works in partnership with others to reimagine existing spaces as platforms for cultural exchange, dialogue, and collaboration.


7. Gift Sponsor : Emolyne Cosmetics

Founded by the visionary Emolyne Ramlov, the brand draws inspiration from her Ugandan heritage, blending it seamlessly with her Danish upbringing and the vibrant energy of her current London residence.

Their collection features 15 stunning nudes and 15 bold reds, each designed to celebrate the beauty of diversity.

Emolyne believes in the power of monochromatic harmony. Their shades are meticulously crafted to offer a seamless match across lipsticks, lip liners, lip glosses, and nail colours.

They are bringing our first 250 customers goodie bags, and our VIP partners will get special gifts courtesy of Emolyne. 


8. Drinks Partner : Value Africa 

Value Africa is an exporter of craft African Food and Drink products.

They have a range of food and drink products from across the continent. Their products are sourced from Kenya, Nigeria, Ghana, South Africa, Ghana, Madagascar and includes Tea, Chocolate, Ciders, Rum, Ogogoro and more.

You can trust them to deliver the continents best. We are pleased to partner with @valueafrica to bring you ‘African Originals’ at TALES in London.

9. Social Impact Partner : Haima Health Initiative & Sickle Cell Aid Foundation. Bellafricana champions social good while celebrating African culture, creativity, and community through The African Lifestyle Experience. We use our platform to empower positive change by supporting incredible social impact organizations like The Sickle Cell Aid Foundation and Haima Health Initiative, we support them as they raise awareness about Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) and bridge the critical blood supply gap across Nigeria.

The Sickle Cell Aid Foundation @scafnigeria mission is to ensure “SCD Warriors” have access to quality healthcare and can live healthy, fulfilling lives.

@haima_health works tirelessly to bridge the blood supply gap in Nigeria. They connect voluntary blood donors with patients in need, ultimately saving lives “one pint at a time.”

Bukola Bolarinwa, the Founder and CEO of Haima Health Initiative will be live at TALES in July showcasing her book ‘The Healthy Warrior’s Cookbook’ which bridges the gap between the focus on medication and nutrition which plays a vital role in the management of Sickle cell Disease.


9. Social Impact Partner : Amero

Amero is a social enterprise addressing poverty and improving education and healthcare with fairtrade coffee farming. Helping local communities in Cameroon start and sustain a livelihood for themselves.

The Amero story is one of family legacy, delicious coffee and sustainability. Since 1939, generations have been passionate about coffee, starting with the Founder (Daniel) grandfather’s first farm. Daniel’s father continued the tradition, then went on to fight poverty by encouraging education and supporting other small farmers. Today, Amero carries the torch, working with research agencies to improve their plantations and benefit both the environment and their workers.

Every cup of Amero is a taste of their dedication to quality, ethics, and sustainability. 


We appreciate the support, and commitment to the Bellafricana vision. Our partners and sponsors have made a real difference, and we are forever grateful! 

Please join us in extending a huge thank you to our amazing sponsors and partners.


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If, for some weird reason, you’ve missed hearing about Bellafricana before now, allow us to introduce ourselves:

Bellafricana is more than just a platform; it’s a thriving community of African creatives dedicated to supporting and empowering entrepreneurs in the arts & crafts, fashion, beauty, and home & living industries. Led by our visionary CEO, Bukky Asehinde, we’ve been championing African creativity for over a decade, providing the right business support and structure for our members to thrive in a global market. Essentially, we want to see African creative entrepreneurs win internationally.

At Bellafricana, our mission is clear: to be the premier destination for buyers worldwide seeking quality African-made/inspired products. We uphold the highest standards of business ethics and integrity in every interaction with our members, customers, partners, and employees. Through our dedication to excellence, we not only drive economic progress in Africa but also inspire others to contribute to the continent’s development and social advancement.

Together, we can make a meaningful difference in the world, starting with Africa. 

In summary: Bellafricana is more than just a platform; it’s a vibrant community where African creativity flourishes. Whether you’re an entrepreneur, a buyer, or simply passionate about African culture, there’s a place for you here. Join us on this exciting journey as we continue to empower African creatives and showcase the beauty of our continent to the world.


As we come to the end of this read, I thought it best to conclude with this.

TALES is more than just a pop up event happening in London July 4th-10th 2024 – it’s a movement that empowers African creatives, promotes cultural exchange and celebrates the continents rich diversity. By attending, you’ll be part of something big; a community that is shaping the future of African creativity and entrepreneurship. 

Get Your Tickets Now – you don’t want to miss out on this unforgettable experience, secure your spot today and be part of the ultimate cultural celebration!

You can RSVP for FREE using this link.

We at Bellafricana look forward to welcoming you to TALES: The African Lifestyle Experience! 

On that note, see you at TALES. 

Bye for now. 

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