Opportunities In A Recession: The Role of Creative Enterprise


[dropcap custom_class=”normal”] The Nigeria-Britain Association held a seminar to discuss Opportunities in a recession and the role of Creative Enterprise, which recently took place at The Lagos Resource Centre, 9 Anifowoshe street Victoria Island, Lagos at 9am. The aim of the lecture-seminar was to give participants tools with which to grow their creative businesses including information on how to access existing platforms for skills and funding that can enhance their business growth, especially in a recession.
I thought to give you a breakdown of all I learnt on the day because I am certain you will gain one or two things from my note. [/dropcap]

Prof Pat Utomi opened the lecture with some quotes, “Do one thing and do it very well”
If you can dream it, you can make it happen, If you can think through it, it will happen.
We need a culture of entrepreneurship in the economy. There are opportunities all around, but will you be one to claim it? More businesses start in a recession.
Question asked: Should we invite in adversities so that progress will come?
Always think of how to work in clusters. Every generation exists to ensure that next generation can have their shoulders to stand on.
Start rethinking what value is and how you can create value.
Mr Wale Anifowoshe, the General Manager of Enterprise Development Centre (EDC) added that;
You must be able to create value. Not everybody needs to be an entrepreneur, some just need to have an entrepreneurial spirit.
Recession is a reset button that makes you ask the question what innovation can you bring in to the economy?
Are you ready to give what it takes?
Can you re-invent yourself and innovate?
Mr Steven from Lagos State Employment Trust Fund (LSETF) added that;
If you truly believe in something, you have to commit to it. Never compare Nigeria to other Nations.
Prepare yourself, so that when opportunity comes, you will be ready
Never rely on the government.

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