From Metal Scraps to Breath-Taking Masterpieces- Dotun Popoola


Bellafricana celebrates the talented African Creative, whose works involves the transformation, from Metal Scraps to Breath-Taking Masterpieces.  Dotun Popoola is a synergetic metal sculptor who has carved a niche for himself with his monumental metal sculptures.

Metal scraps to an Art work [Lion] by Dotun Popoola

Esin Oba by Dotun Popoola
Esin Oba by Dotun Popoola

His works of Art infuses both the European and African culture all by transforming metal scraps into environmental art.

From Metal scrap to motorcycle artwok - Dotun Popoola

Double Bass by Dotun Popoola
Double Bass by Dotun Popoola

From Metal scraps to a Masterpiece

Born in 1981, Lagos, Dotun Popoola is a contemporary Nigerian artist (sculptor) who specializes in synergetic metal sculpting. He creates pieces of art works from discarded scrap metals. His works are focused on transforming trash to treasures, rubbish to rubies and waste to wealth by repurposing wastes that threaten the ecosystem. Some of his works were exhibited in ART X Lagos. He had a solo exhibition called “Irin Ajo” (Journey) in Signature Beyond Art Gallery, Lagos, where he presented around 24 metal works of his.

From Metal scraps to a Masterpiece

From Metal scraps to Hen Artwork -Dotun Popoola

From Metal scraps to Fish Artwork -Dotun Popoola

Metal Scraps to squirrel Artwork- Dotun Popoola

Recycling at its best and truly a work of Art!


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