If you haven’t heard of Bon Delice Confectionery, then you are really missing out.

Let me introduce you to Bon Delice Confectionery

Mrs Oshuware Leon, founder of Bon Delice Confectionery explains:”We are a holistic lifestyle brand that offer Healthy Snack Solutions to those with dietary requirements and intentional eaters. Our baked goods are made with healthy alternative ingredients that are nutrient dense, health and weight friendly, so you can indulge without fear and guilt”

What I particularly love about the brand is their versatility. From rich fluffy cakes to cookies to homemade jams, to snacks, . The best part? These meal options come with variations for vegans, or picky eaters.

Did you know? You can order for customised meal platters! Amazing right?

Would you like to see some pictures? Scroll down:

Beetroot Jam from Bon Delice Confectionery





Oat Bars by Bon Delice Confectionery


To order your favorite meal, or see the menu,  You can call +234-802-700-2455



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