It’s wellness & Style week for Exquisite Magazine as they turn 18!

About the Wellness and Style Week by Exquisite Magazine [EM]

The wellness and style week by EM is an online event being organised by Exquisite Magazine to commemorate 18 years of being in the media, fashion, beauty, entertainment and lifestyle industry.

The Wellness and Style Week by EM is set to promote self care and stress management, keeping fit and healthy, looking good on the inside and outside to continue to empower confidence and style in women.

The Wellness and Style Week by EM

Exquisite Magazine Wellness and Style Week Challenge

Over the one week from the 20th of September to 26th of September 2021, there will be online speaking sessions by experts  in the industry on the mindset, fitness, nutrition, style, beauty and discount shopping with our partners.

There will also be 2 challenges where participants can win various gifts such as:

  • Different beauty products,
  • Spa vouchers,
  • Cinema vouchers,
  • Nutrition plan,
  • Personal development books and
  • Shopping vouchers.

The calendar shows all the activities online and offline. There will be access to discount shopping, whilst keeping fit, looking stylish and feeling confident.

Participants also get the chance to win a wardrobe worth N150k plus more goodies when they join in all the activities during the Wellness and Style Week 2021.

You can register online at

Wellness and Style Week by EM.

Eat well. Keep Fit. Dress Well. Feel Good. Live Well


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