What’s that one thing that endears you to a fashion brand? Is it the quality of their work, their versatility, their unique styles, or their affordability? If you have ticked one or more of these options, then you’ll definitely love Amluck Stitches. Trust Bellafricana to provide you with the best, quality fashion pieces.

They are a “Unisex brand that speaks Class & Uniqueness”.

Their ready-to-wear pieces are the best handmade illustration of bespoke fashion.

Keep scrolling to see some of our favorite pieces made by them.

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Now, let’s get started:

  1.  Unisex  Kaftans

Amluck Stitches Kaftans


Kaftans have a way of giving you that “daring, boss lady” feel. I think that’s why they’re all the rave now. That said, looking for Kaftans of  different patterns and styles? Then Amluck Stitches can hook you up.

Price: NGN 12,000.00

  1. Boubou Unusual


Amluck Stitches Boubou Fashion stylist in Nigeria

This dress is for the everyday woman who loves comfort, class and Elegance. Already picturing yourself in this piece? Me too! This is one that every woman should have. Don’t you think?

Price: NGN 10,000.00


  1. The Nuqi 2-Piece Set


Amluck Stitches Nuki 2-piece set

This set is very comfortable and chic, suitable for all events. Looking to turn heads? This two-piece is definitely the right choice.

Price: NGN 12,000.00


  1. Bespoke Party/ Evening dinner outfits


Looking to stand out at that event? Then let Amluck stitches help with that. You can choose your preferred fabric and style.

Price: NGN 15,000.00 (Fabric exclusive)

  1. The Nuqi Blazer


Nuqi Blazer by Amluck stitches

This is a must have high quality luxurious Blazer. The belt to properly cinch the waist, plus the dramatic sleeves? Definitely a keeper. It’s available in different colors, so you get the option to pick your favorite? Why haven’t you ordered yet?

Price: NGN 10,000.00


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