Are you a Lamp Shade lover? Then let me introduce you to Caxton Alile Living- Your one-stop shop for lamps and shades. 

Now, I am about to show you the wide array of lamp shades, sconces, and fixtures that Caxton Alile has. However, just before you get excited to make a purchase? How do you know what lamp to choose? What lamp would best fit in your living space, bedroom, study space, and so on?

Not to worry, I am here to help you with that. Stick with me to find out what to use, and where.

Here are some questions you might need to ask yourself before getting that lamp:

What if your room is dark?

Well, if your room is not naturally bright, then a floor lamp is just what your space needs. Another great addition would be a table lamp, to direct light to specific areas of the room. Let me show you what they look like.

Caxton red floor lamp


What about tall, dark ceilings?

Pendant lights can work wonders. It can bring the needed brightness to a dark ceiling. It also fits into hollowed ceiling.



Caxton x chidinma 2

Caxton Alile dropping lights

Light for walls too?

If you’re looking to brighten your room, be sure to add a few wall sconces.  They help direct in extra light at face level. They also double as chic, minimalist decor. So, double advantage right? Yes, they look every bit as good off as they are on. Check out some of our favorite Wall Sconces from Caxton Alile Living:



Caxton Alile Lamp red asooke bellafricana


Like what you see? You can order these lamps and more from Caxton Alile Living. They have a huge array of Lampshades and stands that are affordable, made in Nigeria, and with unique African textiles. Check out some more beautiful lamps from them:



Caxton Lollipop stand Caxton Lollipop Stand

caxton-alile-lamps-BELLAFRICANA member


Wondering how to order? Visit their website here

You can also place an order directly here.

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