Bellafricana Launches E-commerce Platform to give more African Creatives visibility and promote African made products

Bellafricana launches “Bellafricana Marketplace,” an e-commerce site to promote African made products of quality and boost the visibility of African creatives. The platform provides distinct African made products of global standard with top quality and at the best prices.

Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Shop rich creations from Africa – @bellafricanashop

With different products ranging from fashion to arts and crafts, home decor and beauty products, Bellafricana Marketplace is fast positioning itself as the largest e-commerce platform that promotes and trades African products to the world.

Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Promoting the beauty of Africa – Bellafricana Marketplace @bellafricanashop

Commenting on the launch of the platform, CEO, Bellafricana, Bukky Asehinde said that it has always been a dream of hers to create a platform that bridges the gap between creative producers in key industries and their global customers.

Many times we see talented African creatives struggle to sell their products not because they are not good enough but because these products don’t get the visibility they deserve. Some of these products can stand shoulder to shoulder with products from big international brands but then they do not have a platform to connect with global customers. This is the problem that Bellafricana Marketplace moves to solve.” She said. We want this platform to be a go-to resource for African entrepreneurs to develop and grow their retail businesses and brands on a global scale.” she continued.

Africa is currently experiencing massive growth in the digital economy and as a result, online retail is a development that has come to stay in the continent.

According to a report by Statista, e-commerce in Africa was valued at 16.5 billion dollars in 2017. Another report recently revealed that this value could well go up to 75 billion dollars by 2025. This goes to show that the growth of e-commerce in the continent is very promising.

Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
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Even with this development, 70% of creative business owners say they struggle to be seen by their potential customers and 85% of creative business owners say they are unable to find customers to buy their products. This not only affects their businesses but could also affect their mental well being.

With a platform like Bellafricana Marketplace, African creatives will not only get more people to see their products but will also be able to reach a global market where these products are in high demand. 

We continue to see African made commodities and African made crafts going mainstream in recent times both within Africa and the global market. Products like Adire, Aso-oke, Kente, African beads, Shea butter and other African products are now being recognised globally and adapted by both Africans in diaspora and people from other races all over the world. Due to this reason, the need for more African made products has relatively increased. Setting up a platform like Bellafricana Marketplace to give African creatives and match them with global customers could not have come at a better time. 

Also speaking on the launch of Bellafricana Marketplace, MaryBarbara Ugboma, a member of the Bellafricana team reaffirmed the position of the platform as a bridge to close the gap between African creatives and global customers.

She went further to say “we want to ensure that no matter where you are in the world, you can get a piece of Africa with you. We want to make more African products available to the world. You can trust that every product you will find on Bellafricana Marketplace are not things you will find at a regular e-commerce store. This is strictly African.”

With top-notch shopper experience, African-made products at affordable prices, seamless retail processes and an outstanding customer support system, Bellafricana Marketplace has already started recording success. 

Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Bellafricana Marketplace. Click on the picture to watch inspiring stories from the Creators on Bellafricana Marketplace
Popular Nigerian brands have already begun to list their products on Bellafricana Marketplace such as:
  1. Not Just Pulp
Not Just Pulp- Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Iyaniwura by Not Just Pulp. Click on the picture to visit their store
Ronke Scott
Ronke Scott- Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Life of an African woman series 1 by Ronke Scott. Click on the picture to visit their store
Organic Life Plus
Organic Life Plus- Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Baobab oil by Organic Life Plus. Click on the picture to visit their store
Zivanora- Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Culla bypass ring by Zivanora. Click on the picture to visit their store
Mimiremi Textiles
Mimiremi Textiles- Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Afro head-wrap textile by Mimiremi Textiles. Click on the picture to visit their store
Amal Botanicals
Amal Botanicals- Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Products by Amal Botanicals. Click on the picture to visit their store
Morin O.
Morin O - Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Almando round stitch bag by Morin O. Click on the picture to visit their store
Modara - Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Dara body butter by Modara. Click on the picture to visit their store
Abela World
Abela World - Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Flame and patchouli perfume candle by Abela World. Click on the picture to visit their store
Asologe - Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Adire Brocade by Asologe. Click on the picture to visit their store
Bosh Designs
Bosh Designs - Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Ilu Gangan Throw pillow by Bosh Designs. Click on the picture to visit their store
Water Hyacinth Woven Coasters & Caddy - Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Water Hyacinth Woven Coasters & Caddy by Mitimeth. Click on the picture to visit their store
Ethnik Afrika
Ethnik Afrika - Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Agbaman Duffle Bag by Ethnik Afrika. Click on the picture to visit their store
Pillow Talk
Pillow Talk - Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
My Africa Throw pillow by Pillow Talk – Click on the picture to visit their store
O’Eclat Designs
O'Eclat Designs - Bellafricana launches e-commerce platform
Amber Box Bag by O’Eclat Designs – Click on the picture to visit their store.

And the platform is open to other African creatives who want more exposure and who want to connect with global customers. Simply visit the website, to begin

To achieve the mission to empower over 100,000 Creative entrepreneurs by the year 2030 to start, grow and scale profitable and sustainable global creative businesses, Bellafricana has come up with this initiative and is open to partnering and collaborating with more governmental agencies, public/private corporations, and non-governmental organizations (NGO’s) to achieve this.

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