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Bellafricana team Jemimah, community Manager
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Working with Bellafricana has opened doors of immense growth for me.

Being a Bellafricana Team member makes you a proactive, quick thinker. The work culture has helped improve my adaptability skills and has given me a platform to express my creativity, rather than stifle it. Now let me warn you: If you’re not open-minded, and willing to learn, the Bellafricana team is not for you. Overall, working with a Boss who is genuinely concerned about your growth, and ensures your opinion matters, makes the experience even the more worthwhile.

Bellafricana team Seun Adekanbi, sales specialist at Bellafricana team
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I have had a great experience so far working with the amazing team at Bellafricana.

The most fascinating thing I have enjoyed while working for Bellafricana has been the drive and focus to change the status quo for African-owned businesses. I have worked in roles that allowed me to be more flexible and solve problems with global impact.

Bellafricana team MaryBarbara, Bellafricana team
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The working environment is vibrant and everyone is supportive.

Working here has broadened my mind and has equipped me with knowledge to last me a lifetime. Not only is the company interested in her growth but that of her employees. I love that there’s room for team sharing; be it ideas or brainstorming. One thing is certain; you will never leave the way you came in. You are constantly evolving for the best.

words of team member

The experience has been top notch.

Working at Bellafricana has been really refreshing, the positive energy and work ethic of the CEO and the team in general is highly contagious. The amount of lives Bellafricana actually get to impact is really mind blowing simply by being a member. 

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