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Branded Fabric Notebooks

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made Locally

Bellafricana hardback (not spiral) notebooks are made with the finest quality paper, white and lined.

Notebooks cost are inclusive of fabric, 200 pages and minimum branding (one page branding).

Customization: You can personalize your notebooks based on your preference.

For instance, your Colour of the day if it’s for wedding souvenirs can be represented in the ankara fabric or if it’s for a company, your brand colours can be used etc

You can also have multiple pages branded but it attracts extra cost.

Fabric types: Ankara or Adire (note that adire attracts extra cost)


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Bellafricana Ankara Notebooks for Birthday
Branded notebooks Bellafricana
Bellafricana branded notebooks
Bellafricana Gift Bags with leather
Bellafricana Adire Notebooks for Gifts


Based On minimum Order Quantity (MOQ)

Fabric Notebooks
₦1700 - ₦1850

The pricing depends on the quantity of books.

MOQ: 50

50 – 100: ₦1850 each

100 – 300: ₦1800 each

300 – 500: ₦1750 each

500 – 1000: ₦1700 each

Fabric Gift Bags
₦2000 - ₦2750

The pricing depends on the quantity of bags.

MOQ: 50

50 – 100: ₦2750 each

100 – 300: ₦2500 each

300 – 500: ₦2250 each

500 – 1000: ₦2000 each

Fabric Throw Pillows
₦8500 - ₦15000

The pricing depends on the quantity of pillows & fabric (ankara or aso-oke).

MOQ: 10

10 – 30: ₦9500 each (with ankara)

30 – 50+: ₦8500 each (with ankara)

10 – 30: ₦15000 each (with aso-oke)

30 – 50+: ₦13500 each (with aso-oke)

how to order

Once Payment is made and confirmed,

  1. We send details needed for the customisation.
  2. We send you available fabrics based on your colour preference to choose.
  3. We show you mock up of design.
  4. We agree and start to produce with an estimated completion date given.
  5. Once order is ready, you are updated and delivery is arranged.

Please note: delivery is not inclusive on the product cost and based on location and delivery partners.

We cannot wait to make your beautiful souvenirs.


An adopted cotton fabric (dutch fabric) that is popularly used in Africa. Usually with various, beautiful colors. Our main choice of fabric.


This means to tie and dye, produced in Nigeria (and other parts of Africa), always with a blast of colors.


A rich woven fabric produced in Nigeria for royalty. It also comes with a blast of colors. We only use this fabric for our pillows as it's too thick for books but can also be used for bags.


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