If you are looking to develop a global fashion brand mindset and go beyond the shores of your business location, then this workshop is for you.


The goal of this workshop is to help aspiring fashion designers develop a global brand mindset. Designers will be taught to see the global potential of their small businesses, shown how global brands position and shown how to define and position their own brands to the same standards.

Who is this for?

This Workshop is for business owners in these fashion categories:

  • Clothings
  • Accessories
  • Jewelries
  • Shoes
  • Bags
  • Textiles
  • Hats
  • Boutique owners

What are the workshop details?

location: zoom
workshop: VALUE ₦50,000
Cost of workshop: Free (But only 100 slots are left)
date: Fri 25th and sat 26th of june, 2021
time: 10am daily
how will it work?
Here is how the fashion brand planning workshop will help you navigate your brand in the right global direction

At the end of the workshop, designers:

  • Should be confident enough to know that they are capable of building a global brand
  • Should have a fair idea of how international brands present create offerings that wow their market demographic
  • Should be able create authentic signature designs without needing to copy other designers’ work.
  • Should know what it takes to produce multiple pieces with accuracy.
  • Should be able to design their production timetable for seasonal production.
  • Should be able to clearly identify their target market and know how to cater to them.
  • Should understand how to design a fashion campaign that connects with their audience.
  • Should know how to design content for their social media page.
  • Should know what it takes to produce a Fashion Business Plan.
  • Should be able to embrace the ideas that they nurse on the inside and have the know-how and understanding of how to bring such ideas to life.
  • A working internet service
  • Your writing pen and notepad
  • Your undivided full attention
  • This Workshop typically employs 10-14 critical questions to run a very immersive, interactive and multimedia-supported workshop that helps participants to document, in clear and workable steps, 
  • How to discover your true target market as well as your own unique design style. 
  • It will also teach you how to present your brands conceptually, personally, mentally, visually, orally, aurally, experientially, architecturally, demographically and geographically. 
  • Using worksheets and case studies, you will be guided to discover your unique value proposition from both the creative and the business side of the fashion industry. And through all the take home assignments, you produce incisive plans that detail your brand direction over the short, mid and long term.

Meet the facilitator

Olutoni Philip-Aina is a Fashion Industry Research Expert and a seasoned Apparel Launch Consultant who brings many years of Fashion Industry experience to any endeavour. She has had an extensive professional journey through several aspects of the industry from Modeling, through Fashion Make-up, Fashion events and now to Apparel Launch Consulting and Fashion Industry Consulting.

In 2014, Olutoni was engaged to Project Manage Cast Hair and Make-up for the main event to climax Nigeria’s centenary celebrations at the National Stadium, Abuja. She recruited, engaged, equipped and coordinated 30 of Nigeria’s top makeup artists and 15 of its most talented fine artists to undertake make-up, body art paint and hairdo for over 700 cultural dancers for a night-long command performance in the main-bowl of the Stadium, a colourful spectacle witness by millions across the nation and watched live by 25 Heads of state including the Prime Minister of France and the President of the EU Commission. However make-up was just a hobby and an avenue to understand colors and an inroad into the fashion space.

By virtue of her 20+ years of multifaceted experience in the fashion industry, she is able to deliver a wealth of advisory to emerging and established brands in the Fashion Business. Toni features as a Fashion Coach and Guest Speaker in Fashion Conferences, Events and Academies.. She has graced platforms such as the British Council Creative Hustle Program, the Fashion Academy Abuja and the GIZ Fashion stakeholders conference.

Toni holds a Short Course certificate from the London College of Fashion, a Bachelor’s Degree from the Obafemi Awolowo University, Ile-Ife and is the founding Consultant of BluVelvet Consulting.

Olutoni Philip-Aina

Founder, BluVelvet Consulting

Meet the Host

Bukky Asehinde popularly known as the “Creatives Mother Hen” is a passionate young female Nigerian entrepreneur who is obsessed about enabling and growing an ecosystem for creative entrepreneurs to thrive in Nigeria and Africa as a whole. 

She is the founder of Bellafricana, a tech-enabled community that provides a platform for Nigerian and African Creative entrepreneurs in the Fashion, Arts & Crafts, Home & Living, Beauty, and Food produce & Snacks Industry to gain visibility, increase sales, have the right business support and structure that gives them the capacity to grow their business. 

Listed one of the 100 Most Inspiring Women in Nigeria in 2018 by the Leading Ladies Africa in honor of her great strides and commendable impact, and selected by Business Day in 2019 as one of the 50 most inspiring women in Nigeria. 

Bukky is very committed, highly motivated and self-driven in her efforts to make an impact in job creation and building up local talents for economic drive and growth.

She also founded an initiative called African Creative Exhibition and Awards (termed ACE Awards) to celebrate creativity and innovation in Nigeria and the whole of Africa. Through this, she aims to encourage more local talents in Africa, to look inwards and create more globally acceptable brands.

Bukky Asehinde

Founder, Bellafricana

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What Founders say from Past Workshops:

“I knew the workshop would be good, but I didn't expect it to be this good. Much more informative than I ever imagined it would be.”
Rachel Asakome
Founder, OLP
“The workshop was so insightful, eye opening, so many aha moments. The value for the class is unquantifiable as compared to what we paid. ”
Zuwaira Ikairo
Founder, Amal Botanicals
“ I have never had anyone teach like this. I know I cheated for the price because I am certain the knowledge I went with is worth more.”
Kafilat Salami
Founder, Lami Foods

Registration is only open for 10 Days

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