Introducing Ethnik’s The EYO Collective

Ethnik by Tunde Owolabi releases a new collection ‘The EYO collection’. This collection as the name implies is inspired by ‘EYO’, a traditional icon in Lagos, Nigeria.

The Eyo festival is a significant festival unique to the Yoruba people from Lagos, Nigeria. The festival is celebrated on LAGOS island the traditional home of Lagosians with impressive pageantry and some rituals.

The Eyo masquerades represent spirits of ancestors hence the reason the festival is held in honor of a chief, a dead Oba or an elder from a ruling family or during the coronation of a new Oba.

The masquerade is robed with white fabric from head to toe with a hat called “Akete” and carries a stick called the “Opambata”. The color if the hat signifies the clan the Eyo belongs to.

Ethniks new collection “EYO” represents an important aspect of the Yoruba culture.

Take a peep of this collection below;

The Amina Mini



The Ethnik Amina mini bag is available in different colors.

Wine Asooke and Brown Brogues



This is stylish and comfortable for men. Ladies, looking for what to gift him? Think Ethnik.

The Amina Tote


This gives you a relaxed elegance for your everyday use.

Ethnik Sneakers 


Suitable for both men and women.

The Hadizah Bag


Add some colors to your bag collection with this bag from Ethnik.

The Adventurer Backpack


Now you carry your laptop, books, clothing and more without stress.

Amazing works from Ethnik.

To get any of these, contact on Whatsapp +2349090003789.




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