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You have been a relentless creative entrepreneur, you deserve this mothers’ day offer. Get to pay ₦10,000 for 6 months access!

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Wondering Why?

What better way can we celebrate motherhood than to give more women an open window to join an amazing community. We have tons of tireless creative women toiling to build their businesses, day and night. We see it, we see how you have to respond to clients and attend to home and personal matters simultaneously. You are our hero and deserve this and more.


Is this you?


Low Visibility (I struggle to be seen by my potential Customers)


Low Sales (my business is not positioned properly to be found by consistent Buyers)


Lack Structure & Support (I want to manage my business better and get support)

Do you fall into these categories?

This offer is for business owners who produce in the following categories:

  • Fashion (clothings, jewelries, bags, etc)
  • Arts & crafts (paintings, cards etc)
  • Home & living (furniture, diffusers, etc.)
  • Health & beauty (skincare, haircare, etc.)

Here is a breakdown of what you are going to get for 6 months:


Get first hand information from experts and an invaluable access to the right masterclasses that will impact your business tremendously.

Membership Certificate

This is useful to boost your social media and business credibility.

Guides & Templates

Without the right resources and directions we will not grow as fast as we can. These guides and resources give you the required boost for your business growth

Tools & Resources

Browse through different categories of tools to help grow your business faster.

Membership Access

You get access to like-minded creative entrepreneurs in Nigeria, Tanzania, etc that you can collaborate together and an accountability structure that helps you grow.

Online Directory

Get found easily by global consumers from the free listing of your products on our Google-ranked website.

some members

Listen to what they say

Listen to what Mrs Abiola Desalu, founder of Modara Naturals, a Bellafricana Member has to say.

Bellafricana is the Creative’s Best friend! We spend every waking moment searching out opportunities to EMPOWER, SUPPORT and CONNECT creative business owners in Africa

Wow! Growing an original creative Indigenous business is just not easy😫

You need all the help and support you can get. You need access to a wider market of consumers who appreciate creativity and have buying power.

You need collaborations with like minds. Where can you get this?

Listen to Rachel Asakome, founder of Organic Life Plus, a Bellafricana member and hear what she says.

Some Creative Members

Driving Value for quality brands

Contact Seun if you need any help on this hotline: +234-909-367-0222

This offer ends after we have sold out the available 50 slots

Offer lasts till 15th of March, 2021


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