Recognition Event

Let's acknowledge the contributions of well-deserving members of the community, give you a forum to share, learn, be celebrated and prepare for the year ahead.

Dear Bellafricana Member,

It is our pleasure to announce the very first members recognition event.

We see the amount of work you put into building your business, nudging others, forming lasting business relationships within the community and overall supporting the growth of Bellafricana.

The purpose of this event is to acknowledge the contributions of well-deserving members of the community, give them a forum to share, learn, be celebrated and prepare for the year ahead.

The event is scheduled to take place from the 27th-29th of October 2022 and will consist of several sessions that will empower and encourage you as a business owners, and will be capping with the recognition of several outstanding community members, who have been nominated and voted for by the fellow members.

This event is not to be missed if you are a Bellafricana member.

Bukky Asehinde on Bellafricana website team image

Bukky Asehinde

Founder, Bellafricana


Who can attend this Recognition Event

Bellafricana members

who need to listen to the psychology of being a business owner through life seasons.

who are excited about listening to others business stories.

who need to understand different streams of income even as a creative.

who want to be better positioned for the new year ahead.

who need to renew their mindset with growing a business.

who appreciate getting recognised and are happy to celebrate others.

Here are the steps to participate at the Event


You Sign Up


Nominate a member


set an alarm for the 3-day event


You ensure other members sign up

(and you get super excited in advance)

Meet the Speakers For the Recognition Event

Our 200+ attendees are looking to listen, share and learn from experts and business owners who will be at the event

Michelle Raymond at Bellafricana Recognition Event

CEO, The People's Partner

Udy foods

Founder, Udy Foods

Personal Branding Expert & Coach

Mr Lanre Basamta

Business Leader, Mentor & Author

Listen to what people have to say about our past programmes...

There is more,

Real stories from Bellafricana members about business growth, increased sales and phenomenal impact.

What Would Be Shared

in the Recognition Event

  • The psychology of being a business owner through different life seasons and how to deal with the heat.
  • Sucess stories through life seasons.
  • How to increase your stream of income
  • How to prepare and position your mind for the year ahead.

“The registration for this Recognition Event closes the moment all our targeted seats are filled. Hurry, before the time elapses, so as not to Miss Out On The Opportunities That Would Be Shared..”

Projected Outcomes

Don't wait too long

Status: Registration still open

Call Prayer on 08086363970 for any enquiries on how to become a Bellafricana member.

A business renewed mindset

Energy for Business Growth

Networking with other members

Access to more business partners.

Prepared mind for the year ahead

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