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Meet The Founder Of Asologe Fashion House

One part of my job I love the most, is being able to connect with amazing entrepreneurs and founders of unique, Afrocentric and indigenous brands. It is truly an honor to be able to hear their stories directly from them, as they tak eyou through the journey of why they started, how they started, and […]

Meet The Founder Of Ile Ila #Exclusive Interview

Hey there! It’s been a minute. I just checked the date of my last published article and I myself was wowed! But hey! Let’s leave the past in the past shall we? I was opportune to have an exclusive interview with the founder of an amazingly awesome furniture design brand called Ilé Ilà. The fist time I […]

Meet Itoro Okon “The Jeweler” | Exclusive Interview

In the year 2015, Bellafricana digest started the exclusive interviews section to give you a close insight to the beautiful minds behind the brands on our platform. The first day this was launched, Bellafricana founder, Bukky Asehinde, was opportuned to interview this young, artistic and talented young lady called Itoro Okon. Itoro is a Geologist turned jewelry designer. […]

Meet The Founder of Ethnikologie | Exclusive Interview

Ethnikologie CEO, founder of the African arts and craft store has a lot to inspire us with. Have you always had a passion to do something but always take a step back thinking maybe it’s not the best path for you? You need to meet the founder of Ethnikologie, Titiloye Ashamu who’s passion has led […]

Meet The Founder of African Things | Exclusive Interview

I haven’t met this talented lady just yet but after speaking to her, I can already tell you how cool she is. A creative mind with a company that promotes African designs and culture in our everyday lifestyle called African Things. A graduate of the University of Nottingham with a BEng (Hons) in Product Design […]

Meet The Founder of Midas Naturals | Exclusive Interview

You might have been wondering who the brain behind Midas Naturals is. Well, say no more, the Bellafricana fairy has waved her magic wand and now presents to you the PhD research scientist with a golden touch on natural products for hair and skin care. Somi Igbene is a tenacious entrepreneur, who puts great effort and […]

Meet The Founder of Jedidiahs Place | Exclusive Interview

Oluwatosin is the Creative Director at Jedidiah’s Place and has a City and Guilds Certificate in Creative Techniques in Textiles, a Diploma in Jewellery Design and Repair and was tutored privately in designing and making leather handbags in the United Kingdom by Katherine Pogson. She is at present working on another diploma in Jewellery design, […]

Meet The Founder of Beautifully Nappy | Exclusive Interview

I am  excited to introduce to you the founder of the brand called Beautifully Nappy. This lovely lady happens to be someone I have known even before she started her business, but her journey as an entrepreneur as drawn us together. She is really down to earth, with a great sense of humour and can […]

Meet The Founder Of Ty-Tys | Exclusive Interview

The first time I was opportuned to meet Mr Bayo Ademiluyi (founder of Ty-tys) was at the Chevron (Afro-centric) bazaar. It was so random as one of the Bellafricana team had just posted an article about Ty-tys which caught my attention. Mr Ademiluyi is very jovial, down to earth and talented of course. I couldn’t […]

Meet Itoro Okon, “The Nigerian Jeweler”

I was opportuned to interview Itoro Okon, the Nigerian Jeweler. This young, artistic and talented young lady is a Geologist turned Jewelry designer. She has a great personality, very smart and straight to the point. One of the Nigerian born talents doing great things in the economy.