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Beaded Jewelry Always A Fashion Statement Piece

In Nigeria, the rhythmic sync of the drums, the passion in the dance, alluring display of the native dishes, matching attires and yes of course beaded Jewelry!!! A traditional wedding is never complete without these, and it also cuts across most countries in Africa. (more…)

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African Traditional Wedding Attires

Marriage ceremonies across Africa’s ethnic groups are not only deeply rooted in the continent’s respect and appreciation for family, but are also a celebratory affair with lots of food and beautiful African traditional wedding attire. (more…)

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How To Make Bobotie | Native South African Dish

Hi there!
Over the weekend I learnt to make Bobotie, a native South African dish and I can’t exactly tell you if I got it spot on, but I know it tasted really gooooood!
Firstly, Bobotie is pronounced “Ba-Boor-Tea. It is a native south African dish with ground meat as the main ingredient.  (more…)

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African Inspired Wedding Invitations

I am Absolutely in Love with Bibi Invitations…

Bibi Invitations, a Winnipeg, Canada based African Wedding Invitation Company, is the brain child of 2 female Nigerian entrepreneurs that made a decision to create a collection of wedding invitations that was a reflection of their bold an effervescent nature as Africans.

Ify, a multimedia designer whose love for sumptuous African fabrics such as Aso Oke, Kente, Akwete, Ankara, Bogolanfini (Mud cloth) has evolved to the creation of their exquisite collection of invitations.


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A Typical Yoruba Wedding Attire

Bride and Groom Attire

In a typical Yoruba marriage, Aso-Oke is fabric of choice. It is the Yoruba ceremonial cloth. It is considered the pinnacle of all fabrics for Yoruba people on occasions like weddings, birthdays, celebrations of life of deceased parents, chieftaincy title ceremonies, and any other important commemorations.

This Aso-Oke is hand woven with special thread that has been soaked in home-made dye. That was before this age of new technology. The three main colours of Aso-Oke fabrics are:

  • Al’aari: rich maroon
  • Etu: navy blue
  • Sanyan: very light brown with strips of cream


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