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First of all beautifully nappy has the best customer service, she is very patient and listens to your skin concerns . I remember the first time I got products from beautifully nappy and reacted she made sure she got me the right products . Omg pasuca soap is my favourite black soap and this is no joke her store has the best black soap ever , you have to try her rose water it is awesome ,coconut oil hmm smells great . If you looking for the best organic products for your skin and hair beautifully nappy store is that… Read more »

My skin used to be coke and fanta,but with beautifully nappy products,my skin is clear and beautiful. a lot of people really tells me I have a nice skin.i like the Morocco black soap,it cleanse my face really well,i also like the broccoli seed oil.inshort,I am addicted to beautifully nappy products,i just can’t run away from it. And she is nice too.lol


Beautifully nappy has the best customer service , most persuasive selling skills 😂😂 . Her store has the BESTEST oils ever especially Marula oil. This is a one stop shop for everything natural product for hair , skin and nails .She has my loyalty for life .💋💃💃